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Monday, 10 March 2014

Grading Vintage Sewing Patterns. Wingin' It.

Our collection pieces are mostly based on original vintage sewing patterns. This is great to get the authentic shapes that we want, but can be so difficult to grade to different sizes. Especially because, hey, I am no expert and I have had no formal training at all. I feel like I must have done this in a past life because I do seem to have some kind of idea what I'm doing...I think. 

It is a lot if trial and error. I spent a few hours yesterday grading a bra pattern down, and cut out and sew some muslins, only to discover that I had graded it wrong and had to start all over again. But once I had made the mistake and realised why it wouldn't work that way, I new what I needed to do. But it's all that effort and time and energy that makes it so worth while when I see the finished piece. I can't wait to get some bits ready to show you. It's so exciting (and nerve-wracking)! 

the offending wrongly graded bra cup.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I guess a bit of background information here may be necessary for some of the things I write about to make sense. Not that I expect to have a loyal band if followers read my every word, but hey, just humour me, ok?

My name is Carly, im 23, and live in sunny Essex in the UK. I haven't always lived here, although I was born here and resided here with my pretty standard 2+2 family until I was 11. Then my parents thought it time to live out their dream of moving abroad, and so we packed up and moved to Spain. Fast forward a few years and I met my now husband. Long story short, I followed him back to the UK (to his hometown, the wonderful Birmingham) and fast forward a few more years and here we are, with a gorgeous 16 month old toddler, Logan. 

I think I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of things for someone of my age. Not the usual things a person of my age has done (college, university etc), but other things...

I have never really fitted in with the norm, not that I feel sorry for myself about that in any way, it's just a fact. I have always been restless. Always feeling like I should be doing something. Always. 

Lucky Sew and Sew is something myself and my Mum decided to set up together. We share a lot of similar interests and we are pretty much best friends, and both fed up with normality. Both restless souls.

You have to make your own luck in life. We want to be those lucky so and so's that we see so often and wished we were them for whatever reason, so we started Lucky Sew and Sew so that we can take women who feel like us along for the ride. Make yourself a Lucky Sew and Sew. That's the idea...


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Preparations and Reservations

All of my spare time at the moment has been dedicated to getting the collection ready for the Bobby Girl's Vintage Fair in Chelmsford on Easter Monday. We are going to use this as the deadline to get everything ready, so by this time we also want to launch our Etsy shop.

From sketching design ideas, to collecting fabrics and ribbons and sewing samples, it has been an incredibly stressful but exciting time. 

Last night we took the plunge and started to cut out pieces ready to sew from our 'good fabric'. I'm glad there are two of us doing this together, not only does it make tasks like this quicker, but it also means we can ask 'I'm cutting two if this one, right?' And not feel like an idiot.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Cowboy Hats, Vintage finds and Pink Hair

These are two vintage sewing patterns that I purchased at Southend's Vintage Fair today. They were only a pound each, what a bargain! I imagine making the top one out of some kind of light weight denim (these kind of denim shift dresses seem to be in all of the shops at the minute) and I'm not really sure what I plan on doing with the second one yet. I seem to have a weakness for 1980's dungarees patterns for some unknown reason. 

Having recently taken the plunge from being my natural mousey brown colour to an adventurous pink tone, I was rather happy that a few people (that I didn't know!) commented on my locks today. Not only did I bleach and stain my hair pink, I have also started wearing it curly, which I was slightly apprehensive of incase the Shirley Temple vibe came across too strong, but I actually really like it curly, I feel like a 20's starlet.

Hubs is working today. On a Sunday. That is totally against our religion. But he gets paid double time for doing it and we could really use the money right now. Logan is such a Daddy's boy and really misses him when he's at work and not at home, so he's been walking around in daddy's favourite hat today. The Hubs has questionable taste In hats. This particular one is a leather cowboy hat. Logan's such a Cutey Patooty.

I still haven't managed to do any sewing. Later....maybe.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Party Nights and Lazy Days

So I did something last night that I have not done in a very long time and went out and drank way too much. I should know my limits by now but, alas, when I am set free in a pub environment I morph into a 17 year old.

I spent all week thinking about how much sewing and designing I could get done this weekend and all I've done today, apart from feel sorry for myself, is go to the McDonalds drive through and buy a happy meal to stuff in my face. Ironically, it failed to make me happy. So I just resorted back to feeling sorry for myself again.

Tomorrow morning I am going to a vintage fair in Southend with Mum and Logan while hubs is doing an unimaginable thing and working on a Sunday. It's Southend's first vintage fair so I'm really looking forward to it and hoping to find some pieces to inspire me.

There's only a month and a half until the vintage fair we are taking part in, and  we still have so much to do. I can't wait though, I'm so excited about all of the ideas we have bought into fruition and just really hope people 'get it' as much as we do...time will tell!

Hopefully I can get some sewing done tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully.
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