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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Cowboy Hats, Vintage finds and Pink Hair

These are two vintage sewing patterns that I purchased at Southend's Vintage Fair today. They were only a pound each, what a bargain! I imagine making the top one out of some kind of light weight denim (these kind of denim shift dresses seem to be in all of the shops at the minute) and I'm not really sure what I plan on doing with the second one yet. I seem to have a weakness for 1980's dungarees patterns for some unknown reason. 

Having recently taken the plunge from being my natural mousey brown colour to an adventurous pink tone, I was rather happy that a few people (that I didn't know!) commented on my locks today. Not only did I bleach and stain my hair pink, I have also started wearing it curly, which I was slightly apprehensive of incase the Shirley Temple vibe came across too strong, but I actually really like it curly, I feel like a 20's starlet.

Hubs is working today. On a Sunday. That is totally against our religion. But he gets paid double time for doing it and we could really use the money right now. Logan is such a Daddy's boy and really misses him when he's at work and not at home, so he's been walking around in daddy's favourite hat today. The Hubs has questionable taste In hats. This particular one is a leather cowboy hat. Logan's such a Cutey Patooty.

I still haven't managed to do any sewing. Later....maybe.

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