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Monday, 10 March 2014

Grading Vintage Sewing Patterns. Wingin' It.

Our collection pieces are mostly based on original vintage sewing patterns. This is great to get the authentic shapes that we want, but can be so difficult to grade to different sizes. Especially because, hey, I am no expert and I have had no formal training at all. I feel like I must have done this in a past life because I do seem to have some kind of idea what I'm doing...I think. 

It is a lot if trial and error. I spent a few hours yesterday grading a bra pattern down, and cut out and sew some muslins, only to discover that I had graded it wrong and had to start all over again. But once I had made the mistake and realised why it wouldn't work that way, I new what I needed to do. But it's all that effort and time and energy that makes it so worth while when I see the finished piece. I can't wait to get some bits ready to show you. It's so exciting (and nerve-wracking)! 

the offending wrongly graded bra cup.

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