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Friday, 4 April 2014

Tired Eyes and Stabby Back

Hello Stranger, long time no blog.

I know I keep saying this, but I've just been so busy it's unreal. We are STILL sewing up our new collection stock for the Bobby's Girl Vintage fair on Easter Monday. We are almost done (ish). We sent some photos across to Katy who is running the fair and she posted them up on the Facebook page for the event and they got a good response (thank god). We even had somebody ask if they can purchase some directly as they can't make it to the fair, so that's exciting!

We also finished a 4 week garment construction course at Southend College on Wednesday. I will review the course in another post, but that has also been keeping us busy.

Little Lo caught a sickness bug, and then gave it to everyone else too, which wrote us off for a few days.

Last night I had a marathon sewing session after Lo went to bed and I managed to complete 5 1940's bras, which is why I now have tires eyes and Stabby back. Does anyone else suffer from this 'Stabby back' (as I like to call it), after a long period on the sewing machine?  It's a horrible feeling, right in the centre top of your back in between the shoulder blades. Ouch.

Tonight will be more sewing. I need to get the sewing done so I can stock up the Etsy shop, especially as there is already some interest (eeeeeek!). Then tomorrow more sewing, but a night off to go out with the Hubster. Then on Sunday, we are heading to the Brentwood Vintage fair in the morning, and then more sewing!


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