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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Boot Sale Gems and New Sewing Pattern

I won this amazing 60's sewing pattern on EBay the other day for only a few pound. I love a bargain.

It's so cute. I love how it's a three piece set - Bloomers, nightie and night coat. I also live how the back two figures are nicely covered up, and the two at the front are wearing the set in a semi-sheer fabric. Uber sexy. I can't wait to make a few of these. However, the see-through set will have to wait until we live on our own again!

Logan woke us up incredibly early on Sunday morning, and it was such a hot sunny day, we decided that nothing better can be done with our time on aSunday  morning than visiting the local car boot sale. 

I love a good rummage at a boot sale. Under a pile of old cooking books I found these gems. 

The West End System of Cutting, Part 1 and 2. Originally printed in the 1870's, these are a tenth edition. Still really old, but I'm not sure just how old. I will try and find out. Full of pattern drafting and cutting for lots of period clothing such as knickerbockers! 

I look forward to having these books on display in my in-house library, in my mansion, one day...


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Feeling defeated...

So I only lost 1 pound this week...but I put on 5 pound last week. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! I even stepped it up by working out this week...I feel so disheartened.

I got diagnosed last week with PCOS. That's polycistic ovaries syndrome. Side effects of this are excess weight, excess hair, lack of/excessive mesnstrual cycle, excessive hair growth, diabetes, fertility problems...the list goes on and on. Luckily, I'm not unusually hairy and I've had a child, so hopefully my fertility isn't effected, but I do have excess weight, and am being tested for diabetes. 

It was a shock to be diagnosed with this, I didn't expect to be. I only went to the doctors because my periods where playing up, and now I have cysty ovaries. Brilliant. I asked the doctor if this could be contributing to why I find it hard to loose weight, and he said it would be, and that I should just stop worrying about it. But I don't want to give up. I am determined to be fit and healthy. The day my BMI says I am normal, will be a bloody miracle. 

So, basically, I'm just feeling annoyed at my body today. Before I would have just given up and accepted the fact that I will be slightly overweight forever. But now, I think it has made me more determined.


Friday, 16 May 2014

Lucky Sew and Sew in the Paper!

...Read all about off the press...

Well, not quite hot off the press as it was a few weeks ago now, but nether-the-less, exciting news it is!

As mentioned in this blog post, we had a stall at the Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter event, which was a splendid day indeed. Whilst we were there, the journalist from the local paper (The Essex Chronicle) asked us a few questions about Lucky Sew and Sew. As she had never seen any similar items at similar events, she was rather curious about our underthings. After blabbering away for (maybe more than) a few minutes, she informed us that the paper's photographer would be along to take pictures of us, in case they cover us in the next issue.

Queue cheesey posing and awkward smiles...

Lo and behold, we were, indeed, printed in the next issue!

Both of us are extremely proud, and have now squirrelled away several copies of the paper to show the grand-kids one day!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lesley's Girls!

We are very pleased to share some wonderful news with you today, and it involves the vintage emporium of amazingness - Lesley's Girls Vintage.

We took a trip slightly northwards (although still in Essex...!) last Saturday, to the historical cultural hub that is Colchester, where we met with the wonderful Janine of Lesley's Girls. After a good chat (and lots of tea and coffee), we fell into discussions of becoming stockists for this unique shop...and so, well, now we are!

As of today, Thursday 15th May, Lucky Sew and Sew are now being stocked at Lesley's Girls Vintage! so now for a bit of background on this amazing company...

Vintage Inspirations At Lesley's Girls

Lesley's Girls Vintage are more than just a vintage fashion emporium, with a lifelong love of history, the
owner, history graduate Janine Rudkins, wants bring the history of fashion back to life in their online and
Colchester based vintage store. Every dress tells a story and every scarf a history, Lesley's Girls bring that out and want to inspire their customers!

Lesley's Girls bring specialised vintage fashion from the 1960s and back, providing a piece of history about every item. If they know the story you will know the story. All stock is carefully handpicked, cleaned and restored.

They take care of every piece so their beauty and importance of that piece lives on.

The Girls

Lesley's Girls began as two sisters (Susannah and Janine) with a shared love of history, fashion and family.
Building their vintage business allowed them to indulge in the first two without neglecting the last. Since
then Susannah has become a silent partner due to the birth of her third child, although she is involved in every
major decision the business makes.

The shop is a simple tribute to their mother. Over twenty years ago their mother passed away when they
were children. Janine says “she was a great inspiration, a fabulous seamstress and a brilliant mother... and
she had killer eyeliner flicks in her youth!” Although there is no rhyme or reason for a family to lose their
mother so early, it has led to the sisters to being closer and stronger as a family, and ultimately thanks to
their close sisterly bond they decided to set this shop up together in August 2011, and named it in
memory of their mother- Lesley.

From it's humble beginnings on Etsy, to regular stalls on the vintage fair scene, Lesley's Girls moved in to GO4 Market Cafe in May 2013, as one of the first permanent traders. They have since gone on to double their size, and are moving from strength to strength.

History and Culture

For those of you who have been to Colchester, you will know what an amazingly beautiful and historical place it is. Lesley's Girls cement that image even further into your mind...they are in a converted church! Unbelievably high ceilings, stained glass windows, grave stone markers on the floor...pretty much vintage shopping heaven in my eyes.

For those of you who haven't sampled the delights of Colchester yet...What are you waiting for?!

Lesley's Girls Vintage shop can be found in GO4 Market Cafe, Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Square, Colchester, CO1 1JN; they are open Monday- Saturday 09:30-16:30. If not open you can find them in their online spaces:



Friday, 9 May 2014

Weight Loss is a Long Hard Road

I have never been a 'skinny' girl. I think i've always erred on the side of chubby. I was always around 11 stone, and at 5ft 4" that was chubby. When I moved in with my husband at 17, I was the slimmest i'd ever been because I was doing about 200 sit ups every day, but I was still around 11 stone, and still a size 14. I have an hourglass shape, which I think I am lucky to have, but it means I carry most of my weight around my hips and boobs. As I mentioned previously, I spent my teenage years in Spain, and the beauty of Spanish women is their curves, so although I thought about my weight, I wouldn't say it ever 'worried' me growing up.

When I moved in my husband it all sort of went down hill...I think it was a mixture of being away from my family and feeling isolated that made me begin to comfort eat. Before I new it, I had ballooned to somewhere near 14 stone. The strange thing was that I hadn't really noticed. I went from one day being me, and the next thing I was being told by a nurse at a check-up that I needed to watch my weight. That was a shock for me. We had also started to plan our wedding and I desperately wanted to loose some weight for our special day.

At my heavist pre-pregnancy

It sounds cliché when I think about it now, but those times really do seem like an out-of-body experience to me. Like I look back on it, and it's someone else. It was a bad time in general. I didn't like where we were living, my job, being away from family, all of it. I did manage to loose weight, but I was still overweight when we got married, weighing in at 12 stone 10 pounds. I was proud of myself for loosing weight, but also annoyed at myself for not loosing enough. I couldn't help but think 'If I had run for 10 more minutes each day...' or 'if I had paid even more attention to what I was eating and my portion sizes...'.

When we moved back to Essex, I naturally lost more weight, but stayed at about 11 and a half stone. I was still uncomfortable with myself at this weight. Then I became pregnant with my Son. I started off with good intentions, I had cravings for bananas and milk. I also started to swim 2 or 3 times a week not only get some exercise  but also help the pain in my back which was terrible (now I know that this is due to having a tilted womb).

The whole way through my pregnancy I planned and dreamed of a water birth. It was on all of my notes and I had discussed it with my midwife, all was set. But the day I went into labour and arrived at the Maternity Wing, they told me that my BMI was half a point too high to have a water birth as I was technically obese, and so instead of the relaxing water birth I wanted, I got strapped up to a monitor flat on my back, with these awfully tight suspenders on my legs (apparently to stop any DVT). All I kept thinking was, 'if I wasn't so fat, I could be having the labour and birth that I wanted.'

Me at about 20 weeks pregnant

I had stopped weighing myself during my pregnancy, as I think deep down I knew that I was putting on too much weight. But it was definitely a shock stepping onto the scales a few days after having my son and seeing the numbers. 15 stone 10 pounds. I couldn't believe it, I was repulsed with myself and instantly devised a plan to 'get skinny quick'. I started to do a ridiculously hard workout at home (I won't mention any names here) and ended up hurting my knee pretty badly after about 10 days of doing it. I couldn't walk properly on it because of the pain, so went to my GP. I told my GP that I had hurt my knee and told him what type of exercise I had been doing, and he told me 'well, i'm not surprised you have hurt your knee, you are too fat to be jumping around exercising. Try swimming instead.' I burst into tears, as I explained that I had a baby 6 weeks ago and that's why I was fat. I was so angry that my GP had called me fat, but deep down I think I thanked him for giving me the shock I needed to get into gear.

I told my Mum about the doctors visit, and seeing how down I was about it and how determined I was to loose weight, she bought me an online subscription to Weight Watchers. We had booked a holiday for the following June, and my goal was to be 10 stone by the time we went away.

I was 11stone 3 pound by the time we went away, and although it wasn't my goal weight, I was over the moon with how much weight I had lost.

After the holiday last year, I flitted on and off of weight watchers, fluctuating between 11st 8 and 11st 12. Now that my son is walking and running and wanted to play outside with me and all the wonderful stuff little boys want to do, I am now more determined than ever to reach my goal. But I have a new goal. Not to be skinny but to be Healthy.

I restarted weight watchers a few weeks ago at 11st 9. My goal is 9st 12. This is a healthy weight for my height and, to be honest, it seems so far-fetched that I could ever weigh that little that I think I am in competition with myself. It's not about getting thigh gap, or fitting in a size 10...I just want to be happy, healthy and at my prime.

Marilyn Monroe - No thigh gap!

At last weigh in I was 11st 1lb. So I have a fair way to go. It's hard, I don't always stick to what I should, and I get side tracked. But I am Human. I started this blog to mainly talk about businessy type things, but I think that this is such a big part of my life and it effects me everyday, so I would like to share my journey with you. If I can help someone else get on their way to their goal, then that's an amazing thing.

I looooooove cooking, so will be sharing any new weight watchers healthy recipes that I like, and hopefully you will too.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Charity Shop Haul

I can't resist the temptation of a Charity Shop. Wondering what hidden gems will be lurking inside, hidden underneath a pile of old books. Heaven.

I took Logan for a walk yesterday and *just so happened* to stumble across one of my favourite Charity Shops. I tried to resist the longing call of the shop...but my will power just fizzled away.

Anyway, I'm glad I did go in, I got some absolute bargains!

I can't resist a China tea Cup, and when I saw this one, with a matching Sandwhich plate AND in it's original box for £3.50!!!!! I just had to have it. I love the dark wine and burnt amber coloured flowers on it. I can't wait to use it.

I also got this fabulous Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Cake mould for the tiny price tag of £4 (when it sells for £35 online!). It looks brand spanking new, I am already looking forward to making Logan's 2nd birthday cake with it, even though that's not until October...

Finally, as Logan is a boy after his Mummy's heart and can't resist a good book, I got him this book based on the Peter Rabbit tales. It's called 'The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit', so I thought it suited Lo quite well!


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Our Launch...Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter Fair

This is the flyer for the Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter Fair that we took place in on Easter Monday. We booked in for this fair quite a while in advance, just when knickers and bloomers and bras were forming themselves in the depths of our creative minds. We set this fair as the goal for us to launch the underwear. I had heard good things about the fair online, and Katy, the lovely lady who runs this shindig, is very good at sharing and getting the word out about her fairs.

Lucky Sew and Sew Ladies, Carly and Diane. 

We were up bright and early, excited to get going, and decked out in our vintagey best.When we turned up in the morning, we were pretty impressed with the size of the hall. Having attended vintage fairs before and them being in dingy sports halls, this was a nice change. It had nice high ceilings, it was airy and bright, and it also had a stage! We were treated to various live acts throughout the day, but the Burlesque Jems performance to finish off was definitely the highlight of the day.

We spent a fair amount of time setting up as we wanted to make sure we got the aesthetics of the stall right. We also took Mildred (our mannequin) with us, and a clothes rail to hang up teddies and tap pants. It's hard on limited resources to make a stall and rail look good and grab your attention, but I think we did well considering.

Our Mildred, wearing a new style - tropical Teddie, to be added to Etsy soon.

Table of goodies

Throughout the duration of the fair there was always a steady stream of people coming in, which was surprising as it turned out to be such a lovely sunny day, and we thought most people would have either ended up in a beer garden somewhere, or at the Southend Shakedown that was also taking part on this Easter Monday. We had a lot of people compliment our items, and take our leaflets, and we made a few sales too.

One of the highlights was having a 93 year old lady comment on how spot-on our tap pants and other undies were, and that she remembers wearing them 'back in the day'! Also a 85 year old lady told us that our items bought back memories for her, and if she was 20 years younger she would have been dancing round the room in our lingerie! It's a great feeling being told by people who know what they're talking about from first hand experience that you are on the right track.

Rail of 1940's bras, teddies, tap pants and bloomers
We have been to some fairs that drag and drag, but this was such a fun and bustling fair to be a part of and we had such a brilliant day. All of the other sellers that were there had amazing stalls, and it was difficult to not spend our profits! Katy was a brilliant host, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The live music and dancing put everyone in the mood, and we just can't wait for the next Bobby's Girl Vintage Fair!

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