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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Boot Sale Gems and New Sewing Pattern

I won this amazing 60's sewing pattern on EBay the other day for only a few pound. I love a bargain.

It's so cute. I love how it's a three piece set - Bloomers, nightie and night coat. I also live how the back two figures are nicely covered up, and the two at the front are wearing the set in a semi-sheer fabric. Uber sexy. I can't wait to make a few of these. However, the see-through set will have to wait until we live on our own again!

Logan woke us up incredibly early on Sunday morning, and it was such a hot sunny day, we decided that nothing better can be done with our time on aSunday  morning than visiting the local car boot sale. 

I love a good rummage at a boot sale. Under a pile of old cooking books I found these gems. 

The West End System of Cutting, Part 1 and 2. Originally printed in the 1870's, these are a tenth edition. Still really old, but I'm not sure just how old. I will try and find out. Full of pattern drafting and cutting for lots of period clothing such as knickerbockers! 

I look forward to having these books on display in my in-house library, in my mansion, one day...


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