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Friday, 16 May 2014

Lucky Sew and Sew in the Paper!

...Read all about off the press...

Well, not quite hot off the press as it was a few weeks ago now, but nether-the-less, exciting news it is!

As mentioned in this blog post, we had a stall at the Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter event, which was a splendid day indeed. Whilst we were there, the journalist from the local paper (The Essex Chronicle) asked us a few questions about Lucky Sew and Sew. As she had never seen any similar items at similar events, she was rather curious about our underthings. After blabbering away for (maybe more than) a few minutes, she informed us that the paper's photographer would be along to take pictures of us, in case they cover us in the next issue.

Queue cheesey posing and awkward smiles...

Lo and behold, we were, indeed, printed in the next issue!

Both of us are extremely proud, and have now squirrelled away several copies of the paper to show the grand-kids one day!

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