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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Our Launch...Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter Fair

This is the flyer for the Bobby's Girl Vintage Easter Fair that we took place in on Easter Monday. We booked in for this fair quite a while in advance, just when knickers and bloomers and bras were forming themselves in the depths of our creative minds. We set this fair as the goal for us to launch the underwear. I had heard good things about the fair online, and Katy, the lovely lady who runs this shindig, is very good at sharing and getting the word out about her fairs.

Lucky Sew and Sew Ladies, Carly and Diane. 

We were up bright and early, excited to get going, and decked out in our vintagey best.When we turned up in the morning, we were pretty impressed with the size of the hall. Having attended vintage fairs before and them being in dingy sports halls, this was a nice change. It had nice high ceilings, it was airy and bright, and it also had a stage! We were treated to various live acts throughout the day, but the Burlesque Jems performance to finish off was definitely the highlight of the day.

We spent a fair amount of time setting up as we wanted to make sure we got the aesthetics of the stall right. We also took Mildred (our mannequin) with us, and a clothes rail to hang up teddies and tap pants. It's hard on limited resources to make a stall and rail look good and grab your attention, but I think we did well considering.

Our Mildred, wearing a new style - tropical Teddie, to be added to Etsy soon.

Table of goodies

Throughout the duration of the fair there was always a steady stream of people coming in, which was surprising as it turned out to be such a lovely sunny day, and we thought most people would have either ended up in a beer garden somewhere, or at the Southend Shakedown that was also taking part on this Easter Monday. We had a lot of people compliment our items, and take our leaflets, and we made a few sales too.

One of the highlights was having a 93 year old lady comment on how spot-on our tap pants and other undies were, and that she remembers wearing them 'back in the day'! Also a 85 year old lady told us that our items bought back memories for her, and if she was 20 years younger she would have been dancing round the room in our lingerie! It's a great feeling being told by people who know what they're talking about from first hand experience that you are on the right track.

Rail of 1940's bras, teddies, tap pants and bloomers
We have been to some fairs that drag and drag, but this was such a fun and bustling fair to be a part of and we had such a brilliant day. All of the other sellers that were there had amazing stalls, and it was difficult to not spend our profits! Katy was a brilliant host, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The live music and dancing put everyone in the mood, and we just can't wait for the next Bobby's Girl Vintage Fair!


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