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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

10% in July Exclusively at Lesley's Girls Vintage!

For all of you Lucky Sew and Sew's who visit Lesley's Girls Vintage this July, we are giving you a special treat of 10% off our entire range! 

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This can also be used with the other special offer of if you buy a bra and knicker set, you get 10% off. So, in July, if you treat yourselves to a bra and knicker set in Lesley's Girls, you can get an amazing 20% off!

You can find Lesley's Girls Website here, which holds all of their details, and also their information is on our Stockists page. As I mentioned in our last post about Lesley's Girls, their shop is amazing, and well worth a visit to Colchester!

In other news, we have been busy listing new stock on our Etsy Shop, and have made a few more sales through there (woohoo!). We also received some lovely feedback through our Facebook page from a lady who purchased one of our Blue Tulip Sets. She said it makes her feel like a Goddess. I feel like my mission in life is now complete!

Red Tulip Bralette Vintage Retro Pin Up Lingerie Made to Order Custom

Tropical Summer Bralette Made to Order Custom Lingerie Vintage Pin Up Retro

We've also been busy turning the cogs on getting some inspiration for a new range. We want to do a Bridal range, and also have new pieces for Autumn/Winter. I have been ready The Great Gatsby, and have always loved the 20's (probably my favourite era) so we may see that influence our new pieces in some way...Exciting!


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