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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Sewing Want List: Merchant and Mills and Colette Patterns

I have a very long list of things that I would like that are sewing related. I am constantly seeing fabrics and sewing patterns that I am dying to turn into something amazing. My wardrobe is looking pretty bare at the minute, and none of the clothes on the high street seem to be catching my eye. The more time I spend sewing, or thinking about sewing and designing, the more I look at the clothes in shops like Primark and H&M and see how badly they have been put together, or how rubbish the fabric is.

The thing I love about sewing your own clothes is that the garment that you make is completely unique to you. You can  use one sewing pattern for one type of dress, make 10 dresses from it with different fabrics and notions, and end up with 10 completely different dresses.

So, without further-a-do, here is my Sewing Want List...

Merchant and Mills Patterns:

Merchant and Mills patterns, if you haven't come across them before, are to die for. From their website:

Our patterns are developed by Carolyn Denham over several months and go through many tweaks and changes before being deemed fit for your consumption. After approving the final cut, the pattern is then graded before production begins. You will find very few fastenings and no unnecessary difficulty when working from our patterns which start life with an idea and a domestic sewing machine. In our experience, the classic, simple designs that Carolyn favours, place emphasis on the cut and silhouette whilst intentionally avoiding detailing and fastenings which can make even the best dress look homemade.

I have found it really hard to pick favourites, as I am in love with all of them! But I really love the Factory Dress, the No.64 Top, and the Dress Shirt

Factory Dress multi-size Top 64 multi-size  Dress Shirt multi-size

I really love their style, and how the pieces are minimalist, and yet still manage to show off the skills needed to make them. Perfect wardrobe staples, and can be made in a hundred-and-one different ways to suit any occasion.

I have a vision in my head of the Dress Shirt, made out of a black cotton, with a white bib section with pin tuck details. And a Dickie Bow, just to finish off the tuxedo look.

Colette Patterns:

I, quite often, drool over the divine subtle vintageyness of Colette Sewing Patterns.

My favourites are the Hawthorn Dress, the Lady Grey coat, the Cooper bag,  and the Violet Blouse.



I Particularly like the Cooper bag pattern, and the fact that it is unisex, and can be used to make a backpack, a messenger bag or a satchel. The picture of the couple wearing them is so cute too. I have bag envy. I am totally in to back pack's right now too, and the fact that I could make one myself appeals to me.

The Lady Grey coat I can see made out of a nice light nude soft woolen fabric, the perfect Car Coat.

Watch this space!


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