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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sewing new pieces

We've been busy beavering away, working on a new collection for Autumn/Winter and also a bridal collection. We've been trying out some new pieces, including these high waisted knickers and a new style of bikini knickers. The bikini cut are great for everyday wear, but the high waisted style or my FAVOURITE!!!

They are sooooo cute and comfortable. We're making them out of lovely soft stretch Jerseys. We are going to do a mix and match pack, so something like buy 3 and get a discount.

We've been gathering lots of super soft jerseys to make these knickers and matching bras from for the new collection.

I am in love with the navy and red rose fabric, it's so soft, it feels almost brushed. So warm I the winter!

On another note, we took Logan with some friends to a pick your own farm on Sunday, and I made two jams yesterday. One is Plum and mixed Berry, and the other is Rhubarb and Vanilla (which tastes like Rhubarb and custard sweets!).

I've only made jam once before and I am really pleased with how these come out. Buying fruit from the pick your own farm was so much cheaper than the supermarket, and the fruit tastes so much better. It's very satisfying to make a preserve out of something you have picked yourself. Then again, preserve making is satisfying in general. I normally make a chutney around October time, so it will be ready for Christmas, but I'm not just going to leave it to one a year this year. I picked up a massive marrow at the  farm, so I am going to make a marrow chutney tomorrow. I've also been growing 2 tomato plants and 3 cucumber plants this year, so I will make some chutneys out of my glut of vegetables too. 

Preserving makes me feel virtuous!


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