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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Fling Festival and Simplicity 7626

From the Facebook Page for The Fling Festival:

"The UK's largest yet most intimate outdoor festival for adults only.
Saturday 28 June 2014.
Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex.
Essex’s premier boutique performance event, The Fling Festival, is reappears this summer and a multitude of improvements are on their way..."

There was caberet, comedy, food from all over the world, a Pimms Tent, fairground rides, live music from Rock to Ska, and of course, the Vintage Marquee hosted by Bobby's Girl Vintage!

Due to the success that we had at our launch at Bobby's Girl's Easter Fair, we decided to have a stall at this event too. It sounded amazing, exactly the sort of event we would love to go to ourselves!

The weather started off brilliant sunshine, and we posed for obligatory pictures in our new handmade dresses before setting off.

Mum's dress is made from an original 1960's sewing pattern, Simplicity 7626.

Mum went for the sleeveless view, and picked this gorgeous fabric that is also from the Remnant House. It also contained Spandex. Unfortunately, the fabric is not on the website anymore, so it must have sold out, but they do have a lot of other fantastic fabrics, so do take a look.

When we arrived at the Fling, we had a bit of a palaver trying to find out where we needed to go to, as the park that the festival was set in was HUGE! After a bit of toing and froing, we managed to finally find the Vintage Marquee, and I didn't take us long at all to set up.

There were a lot of fabulous traders in the Vintage Marquee, and even Ruby's Tea Rooms had a stall selling fabulous cupcakes! I had  Rum and Coke cupcake! It was amazing!

The day was very busy, and although we had lots of people look, compliment and take our leaflets, we didn't sell as much as we hoped. It's such a disheartening experience when you put your heart and soul into something, and it doesn't go as well as you hoped. I think there were several reasons why perhaps, this wasn't such a great platform for us, one of them being the festival setting. There were no cash facilities on sight, and it was, really, in the middle of nowhere. People seemed to only come with a certain amount of money to spend on a few drinks, dinner etc, and hadn't planned on shopping while they were there. Quite a few people said they would love to buy some of our things, but just didn't have enough cash on them. We could, of course, maybe think about getting a card machine, however, at the moment, it's not really a viable thing for us to do.

As the day turned into night, we decided to go for a wander and try and make ourselves feel better, so where better to go than to the fairground rides!

We also hit the Pimms tent, and got some AMAZING noodles from 'We Will Wok You'. Best name ever! We wandered some more, listened to a band on the main stage, and then stumbled upon the Ska band 'Skamite' stompin' up a stage in a little tent. That was the highlight of the day! I took many videos to show my dad of us stompin along with the skinheads, my Dad loves Ska music, and so do I.

In conclusion, we had a brilliant day, and it was such a great event to be a part of. Although we didn't do as well as we hoped, it was worth it just for the experience! We also woke up on the Monday morning to some amazing feedback on our facebook page from a lady who bought one of our blue tulip sets on the day. She wrote: "Bought a set of your gorgeous underwear at the Fling - got it home and it fits perfectly and makes me feel like a goddess! Will be searching you out on Etsy for some more x"

Now that really was, the Icing on the Rum and Coke Cupcake!


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