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Monday, 11 August 2014

A July Wedding

I recently attended my Grandad's wedding at The Old Rectory at the end of July.

It was a scorching hot day, and the ceremony was held outside. Boy am I glad I had decided to go for an stuck to sweaty head is never a good look!

I went to the Vanity Box for my up-do on the morning of the wedding. I didn't have a specific style in mind and let Verity go with the flow. She really took everything into account, including the length of my hair and the colour. As you know, I bleach my hair and colour it lilac with La Riche Directions hair colour. I dilute Violet and Carnation Pink with conditioner to get a pastel shade, but I always inevitably end up with a few bits darker than other areas, which doesn't bother me. Verity really used this to my hairs advantage, as she said she wanted to add in as many small details as possible to really show the tones of colour off. 

For the occasion, I decided to go for a 50's style of dress. I always try and wear dresses that nip in at the waist, as this my smallest part. I spent forever searching online for the right dress and in the end I chose to go for a Lindy Bop dress. 

I was a bit apprehensive of wearing such a bold and bright dress, as I thought it might look a bit much with my lilac hair...but in the end I just figured 'sod it' and go for it anyway. I seem to be thinking this a lot lately!

I kept accessories minimal, opting for nude shoes with a few sparkles, and no jewellery other than the earrings I wore for my wedding.

 It really was the most beautiful wedding. My mum was a bridesmaid for the day and looked absolutely stunning! I hope I got a lot of her genes! The bridesmaids wore yellow, with the maids of honor wearing grey. The men wore coordinating grey suits with yellow accents.

Logan wore a cute outfit from Verbaudet, which was trousers and braces with a collarless white shirt. I even managed to get Rich to wear a shirt with some pink in it and a black Dickie Bow! They both looked so cool!

I can't wait to see the official wedding pictures, the photographer was like a ninja, hiding behind trees and such to sneakily snap pictures of guests that were unawares!

We all had a fantastic time, especially Logan who loved running around with the little girls!

Congratulations Grandad and Kim, and welcome to the family! X

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