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Thursday, 16 July 2015

House Updates

So as you will know if you have read my previous posts, when we were surprised by the impending arrival of baby Aurora, we leaped in and bought a house.

We were in the process of saving up a deposit for a house anyway, but thought we would have longer to save up a bigger deposit to get a dream house. That was unrealistic. Especially as my dream house is a 5 bedroom country cottage with a few acres to grow veg and keep chickens, and maybe have a couple of out buildings to have a studio for Lucky Sew and Sew, and a big tree to have a tree-house for the kiddies in...and maybe a little river running along the bottom of the gardens. Very, very unrealistic on our budget.

Anyway, so we bought the biggest 3 bedroom house that we could afford. It's not in the best area, and it's a mid-terrace, a far cry from the detached country cottage I dreamed of. But it does have 3 bedrooms and a decent sized garden, and it will do for now.

When we bought it, it had been rented out for years, so the walls were all painted white, and the carpets were all old, hard-wearing brown jobbies. The kitchen was very basic, as were the bathrooms. It needed a lot of love, and for some personality to be injected back into it.

We moved in just after Logans birthday, around Halloween. It was freezing. The radiators in the house are all old and don't work very well, plus they are all miss-matched, which I found so weird...not one radiator matched another! We painted and decorated the living room before we moved in as we wanted one room of solace at least. Dad wallpapered and we had new carpet put down.

We decided the best bet after that was to tackle one room at a time. We set a budget for each room as we felt this would keep us from spending too much money where it wasn't needed, and to be thrifty and clever with what we spent our money on.

The bathroom was a real bug-bear. The bath was an old awful steel bath that leaked, and didn't keep the heat in. The shower screen would let water drip all over the floor. Just a general nightmare. It had cheap lino on the floor that wasn't stuck down properly. Argh.

We purchased a new bath, shower screen and bath panel from B&Q in the sale, and got them for an absolute steal with 60% off! We got some gorgeous tiles from Wickes that were also half price, so they were a bargain too! The existing sink and toilet were OK, so we just got new taps for the sink to freshen it up, and match them to the new bath taps.

We painted it Dulux Mint Crisp, as we wanted to keep it nice and airy. 

A far sight better!

It's still not quite finished. We want to get a new chrome towel rail, and a cabinet with a mirror to keep our toothbrushes etc in up on the wall, but I really love it. The bath alone makes it 1000 times better. it such a deep luxurious bath. Bliss!

My wonderful Dad came in and did it for us over two weekends. One weekend to do the new bath and another weekend to do the tiling. Clever man is my Dad!


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