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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ska, Sewing and DIY

Yesterday evening was the first evening that Aurora slept in the evening. Usually she is awake from 4'0'clock ish till about 11pm. But last night, we cracked it and she slept from 8pm! FREEDOM!!!!!! So, I obviously snuck away to my sewing nook and worked on finishing a few things for the new collection. It's so close to being finished but it's taking to long! Especially because the only time I can sew really is in the evenings when Rich is home and the kids are asleep, but as Rori doesn't normally sleep in the evenings this has been hard to do.

It was rather blissful, having my own space to sew in, headphones in listening to some Ska to keep me motivated and stitching away. I managed to sew from start to finish three new pieces, and I also finished off making master copies of a new pattern that I've designed yesterday. Feeling super proud of myself!

On top of this, the kitchen got ripped out on Saturday, and the new one delivered today. My (amazing/wonderful/talented/obligated?) Dad is going to spend Thursday - Sunday fitting it. As well as fitting the kitchen, the floor is being tiled, part of the walls are being tiled, a new radiator fitted, and painting done etc. so right now I have no kitchen. I'm cooking dinner in a slow cooker, which to be honest I actually really like. It's so easy and makes yummy dinners with minimal effort.

Tonight we are chipping off the old tiles from the walls and painting the ceiling. And I want to try and do some sewing. Maybe too ambitious, but I'll remain optimistic!

So it's going to be a manic week....


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