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Monday, 16 November 2015

Get Busy Living

Hello old friend. Once again, it's been a while. Life has been busy! I'll update you, but give you the short-hand version. I reeeeeeallly hate living in the past, and right now I feel like I need a new beginning and to move forward, so I won't dwell on what's been occurring too much.

The new collection for Lucky Sew and Sew is ticking along nicely. We've had some really positive feedback which is great. We also got to work on an awesome Marie Antoinette inspired shoot with an awesome photographer a few months ago, and will release the mini-collection on our Etsy shop sometime soon.

Logan is growing up way too fast. He's changed from a toddler to a little boy over the last few months, and it makes my heart ache that time is slipping away! He even starts pre-school in January. Where has my little baby boy gone?! Over the last month he has mastered drawing smiley and sad faces, then moved on to adding hair, ears, bodies, arms, legs and fingers, and now he can draw trees and flowers.

Rori is also growing up way too fast. She is now sitting, crawling, eating, cruising furniture with some help and generally just being a cutie patootie. She has such a bright personality, it lights up the room. She is going to be 7 months on the 22nd! Her favourite things to do are eat garlic bread or pitta and hummus, make her big brother laugh by shouting at him, and pulling Daddy's beard. Oh, and over the last few days, she also loves to say 'Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya' over and over.

Our kitchen is still unfinished - but it is nearly done! We just have some painting left to finish, a blind for the window to get, and a few little bits and pieced and its complete.

Rich and I started another business together called Thor's Threads. It's mostly based around embroidered and handmade pagan items, and we sell on Etsy. It's going really well and growing all the time. We just had our biggest event of the year on Saturday for Thor's Threads which has consumed a lot of our time.

So, the last few months have been jam-packed to say the least, and I've been on the verge of pulling my hair out a few times. I have now decided I need to slow down a bit. Slow down and enjoy life rather than it just slipping by. I want to make more time to enjoy the kids while they are little, and have more time to do what sets my soul on fire.

I've gone a bit mental lately and bought a tonne of fabrics to make various things from, I've got a lot of sewing lined up - but it's all for pleasure and recreation which I am looking forward to. I have a long list of things to make and sew for Christmas presents, so need to start on those ASAP, or i'll be up till midnight on Christmas Eve!

A bit of a pointless post really, but I just wanted to warn you that the blog will probably be filling with lots of sewing and crafts that i'm doing and not just be solely for Lucky Sew and Sew, although it will of course be included!

Rich has gone and picked me out a new book today (yay - stationary!) to start using as my sewing journal, and I am super excited to get started!

Speak soon!

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