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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Free time...what's that?!

A couple of nights ago both Lucky Sew and Sew and Thor's Threads went mental and we had so many orders in that one day than we'd normally get in a week! So i've been a busy bee cutting our orders and Christmas presents when I can and sewing them up frantically.

Last night from 7pm til 10pm I managed to put together and overlock 5 pairs of knickers and completely finish 3 of those including elastics and bows etc, and also put together and overlock 2 pairs of tap pants. That's a record for me. Especially as I also had to take Logan to the loo twice and settle Rori back to sleep once after my noisy overlocker woke her up. Oops. It can't be helped though really, my sewing space is actually a nook at the top of the stairs, on the landing, outside everyone's bedrooms. It's annoying as it's small and dark and wakes Rori up if I overlock too vigorously, but it's also nice as I get to hear Logan playing and singing to himself when he's supposed to be going to sleep. His favourite song to sing at the moment is 'Be Bop A Lula' which is heart-meltingly cute.

I'm currently waiting on a large order of yummy jersey to make into Hudson Pants when I get a chance. I'm starting to get worried that i'm not going to be able to finish up all of my Christmas present sewing in time though, especially if the orders keep coming in- something I hadn't factored into my tight sewing schedule.

In other news, Logan had his first settling in day at nursery today which he loved, and Rori is now pulling herself up to standing on things and moving along them. Stop growing up, children!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Black Friday Weekend Purchases

I had put myself on a pattern ban until I had managed to complete my (very) long list of Need-To-Sew's, but there were come amazing deals on Black Friday weekend and I did indulge slightly...Husband, avert thy eyes.

I have heard amazing things about the Hudson Pants from True Bias, so I went ahead and purchased the Hudson Pants pattern and the mini Hudson pattern. My thought being that when Logan starts preschool in January, I am going to need some loungey, are they/aren't they pyjama type warm trousers. What I love about this pattern is how they are smart but casual if you catch my drift. I got the mini sized ones as they will be perfect for Logan for pre-school too. After I purchased these, I then went back and purchased the men's Hudsons too as I couldn't leave Rich out, and had a little daydream about us all lounging around on a Sunday, watching Disney films and eating popcorn in our Hudsons. Bliss.


Next up I got the Noodlehead Road Trip Case pattern. This is going to be perfect for Logan to use during car journeys, he gets so bored in the car. I really wanted to buy several more Noodlehead patterns, especially the Campfire Messanger bag, but I know I really won't have time to sew it right now, so I had to resist, and place it on the ever expanding list of  'Patterns I Want To Buy'.


Lastly, I purchased three Puperita patterns. If you haven't come across Puperita's pattern shop on Etsy, then you are missing out. Annalisa creates the most amazing baby and children's patterns. I went for the Hearts Hoodie, the Little Stars Pants and the Jumpy Romper. The Hearts Hoodie I already have the fabric for, and i'm going to make Rori a fleece-lined jacket for when she's in the baby carrier. Not to warm, nice and snuggly and a nice big hood, perfect. The Little Stars pants pattern encompass a wide range of sizes, so I can use it for Logan and Rori. For Rori I want to make some fleece lined ones to wear in the carrier so her little legs keep warm. Finally, the Jumpy romper I can also use for both the kids. It is fully lined and reversible. I cannot wait to make tonnes of these, I've got a thing for dungarees/rompers.

JUMPY Reversible Romper Baby Children Boy Girl sewing pattern Pdf,  Easy, toddler newborn 3 6 9 12 18 m 1, 2 3 4 5 6 yrs Instant Download

So basically, I indulged quite a bit, but they're all very practical! Did you grab any bargains over the weekend?
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