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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Felt Superhero Masks

Logan is going through a superhero stage. He loves to pretend to be his favourite 'heroes' and has me or Rich pretend to be the 'villain' (his words, not mine!). After he enjoyed his fancy dress Halloween/Birthday party so much I figured he would enjoy dressing up as his favourite superheroes too. I looked on pinterest and found lots of ideas for felt masks, but they all seemed to complicated or just not what I was looking for exactly. I also couldn't find a kids mask template that was the right shape anywhere, so I ended up drafting one myself which turned out OK.

As well as the felt masks, I also made a cape and gauntlets to match the Spiderman mask. I couldn't not really, I was in the fabric shop and this red velvet with spiderwebs and spiders all over it was just screaming out to me!

The masks were super simple, and quick to make. All I needed was some felt in red, green, black, yellow, grey and skin colour, a hot glue gun, some elastic for the head band, my sewing machine for some decorative stitching and to attach the elastic, a bit of velcro tape for the cape and gauntlets, and a marker pen to draw on the batman symbol and bobs your uncle!

So, here we have the Spiderman ensemble.


The Hulk

Irom Man

and Batman

Logan keeps asking me to make him a batman cape now too, which I will do as soon as I can. It made me really happy that he prefers these handmade masks over the power ranger outfit that we bought him for christmas (do you know how expensive those outfits are?!). 

Next I think i'll make him some felt animal masks too!


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