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Monday, 4 January 2016

Leather Fringed Baby Bow Mocassins

This year I decided to have a more handmade Christmas. Partly to stop shopping excessively just because 'Tis the season, and also because I wanted to try some new techniques out and widen my sewing spectrum. 

One of the first projects on my sewing list was a pair of leather mocassins for Aurora. I've admired many leather Mocs on Instagram and loved the idea of making them myself. When I went on the shopping trip in the summer to the Goldhawk Road, I picked up a piece of buttery soft light-medium weight leather hide for a tiny £10! I don't remember the name of the shop, but it's on the far end, on the same side as the market, and is a big posh looking shop with lots of ex-designer fabrics. They had lots of leather and most of it quite expensive. I mentioned that I didn't want a large piece and they found me out this gorgeous Cherry colour piece. When they said they would only charge me £10, I was sold! 

On the same shopping trip I also grabbed a metre of the softest babycord/needlecord (is there a difference?!) that I thought would compliment the leather nicely. A navy ground with bright flowers, and quite a retro feel. I felt a coordinating outfit brewing. I did, in fact, make a coordinating outfit, I'll talk about that in the next post.

So, the leather Mocs. I got the pattern for them from Etsy, and it's by Simply Small Wonders. The pattern is clear and precise, the pieces fit together perfectly and the images are easy to follow. I thought the Mocs would be super hard and challenging, but they were surprisingly straight-forward and speedy to sew. I used a leather needle, with baking parchment on the back of the piece I was sewing, and I used a long stitch which all aids the stitching of the leather with can be tricky as it has a tendency to stick to your machine as you sew. I also used a Teflon foot which minimised sticking too. What you must also remember with leather is that every stitch makes a whole, so there's no unpicking and re stitching with it, it's first time or nothing! With that being the case, pinning is also a no-no (unless you can pin inside the seam allowance), as you would leave holes. Instead I used some stationary clips which worked a treat. 

I did find it quite fiddly as the pieces were so small, and it take take some patience and deep breaths before the sewing was finished! But I am more than pleased with the results!

I did find that even though I used parchment under the leather as well as a Teflon foot, that the leather was still sticky. This resulted in some uneven stitches and a difference in lengths. But to be perfectly honest, I don't think anyone else would notice and it just add to that 'handmade' charm. 

I lined the mocassins in the coordinating needlecord which is soft and snuggley inside without adding bulk, and adds a nice little surprise inside.

Overall, I am really pleased with how these turned out. They cost me a fraction of what buying a pair would have, and I have half the leather left to make a bigger size too! I love the fact that they're a little quirky and that the insides match her little outfit too. 10/10 from me!


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  1. great post, loving the cameo appearance of my polarbear pj's as the finale ;)


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