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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Marie Antoinette Collection - Lucky Sew and Sew

In the Summer, we were reached out to by the photographer Rekha Garton and asked if we wanted to collaborate on a photoshoot with her. Her idea was for a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot. First off, I love the whole Marie Antoinette look. Big hair, lace, ruffles, pale pinks and blues...Yes! We had a nosey on Rekha's website and basically just fell in love with her work so we jumped at the chance to do this shoot. Go and have a look at her work, she is uh-mazing.

We hadn't done a collaboration shoot before and we were pretty stoked to do this one. We saw the opportunity to develop the idea and make the pieces that we create for the shoot into a mini-collection to release in our Etsy shop.  Rekha had a clear idea of the look she wanted to achieve, and we shared ideas via Pinterest to make sure that we were both on the same page (you can see our pinterest board here). I really relished the task of designing this lingerie. I enjoyed studying up on the Marie Antoinette style and trying to think of ways of how to best translate that image into our pieces. We spent a few days sketching and brainstorming ideas (we even watched the film with Kirsten Dunst!), and then took a trip to the fabric shop for inspiration. We came across some unbelievable fabrics which were exactly what we were looking for, but they were bolt-ends.We made the decision to go for it anyway, and just make this collection a limited edition. The only thing is, it's so limited I can't justify making myself the sets, and I want them so badly. Wah!

So we made the pieces for the models measurements and posted the pieces off to Rekha. When we first saw the images from the shoot we couldn't believe it. They are just so beautiful and exactly what I imagined in my head. Sarah, the model, looks unbelievable in the lingerie and basically the whole thing just looks perfect. It was hard to believe that the lingerie in the pictures was something that I had made!

Rekha is a photography wizard. I've never come across anyone with as much creative flair and vision as her. I feel very privileged to have provided the lingerie for this shoot with her. Hopefully we will get to work together again one day soon, and next time I'd like to go and be at the shoot and take in the whole experience too. Rekha lives in the next county so it's possible!

So after many months of being put on the back-burner whilst the festive rush took over, the Marie Antoinette collection is now finally being released in our Etsy shop this morning at 9am. Each set is very limited, only a couple of each set will be made. We really went all out on the fabrics, opting for serious luxury and originality. My personal favourite set is the peach satin and embroidered tulle set. That tulle is the nicest, most unusual fabric I have ever come across. It's a soft, stretchy tulle covered in cotton-like embroidered dandelion shapes. It just pairs so beautifully with the peachy satin. Plus that bralette shape is my favourite too, I love the cut out detail in the centre front. That bralette was based on a 1970's bra that I have in my collection, and was my favourite pattern to create so far.

Anyway, take a look at the new collection and let me know what you think!

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