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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wolf Moccasins. IThinkSew Kathy Moccasins

I'm nearly finished my Christmas craft posts now, I promise. I did tell you I'd been busy!

So next up is a present for my wonderful Dad. Dad is probably the most awkward person to buy for, ever. He pretty much has everything that he needs (except a Harley Davidson. And if I could make one of those for you Dad, I would (and I would also be very rich!)), and trying to think of things that he would like and also doesn't already have is a task and half.

Normally every year my dad gets a pair of moccasins. You know the ones...leather, black, make your feet stink. So I thought I would make him a pair this year instead. I bought the Kathy Family Moccasin pattern from the shop on Etsy 'sewingwithme1'. It's an Ithinksew pattern. There are individual patterns for men's moccs, women's moccs and baby moccs, but this one is all three, which I figured could come in handy. I grabbed it when it was 50% off too, so it was a bargain.

For the out fabric, I used some black wool fabric, that was left over from Logan's Wolf Coat and for the lining I bought some rose swirl minky fabric which is like a soft furry type fabric. I also had to use more of that dreaded fusible fleece interlining.

I wanted to make them unique and special, so I decided to embroider the slippers. Before I cut out the upper top pieces of each moc, I drew around the pattern piece with chalk and left it on a big enough piece of fabric for me to hoop up in the embroidery hoop. I embroidered a wolf's head on each one, with 'Wolf' on the right and 'Pack' on the left in royal blue. Once the embroidery was finished, I simply cut out each piece. Easy peasy!

The dreaded fusible fleece actually worked ok this time around. Maybe there's a knack to it that I've managed to get somehow? All of the outer pieces called for the fleece. Then I had to cut out the lining fabric. If I never have to see this fabric again in my entire life, I would be very happy. This. Fabric. Was. Hell. To. Cut. I ended up with tiny microscopic bits of fluff in places where one should never have fluff. Up my nose, in my eyes, on my tongue! Blergh! It also stuck all over the black wool which was a massive pain to remove!

Anyhow, they sewed up relatively easy and went together pretty well. I had to use a walking foot as with the wool, the fur and the fusible fleece, they were pretty bulky and needed a bit of help. I'm really pleased with how they came out, and best of all Dad really loves them. He even brought them with him when he came over to my house at the weekend which made me smile.

Next time I make a pair, i think I will line in a polar-fleece or something that doesn't malt as much as fur (!) and try some non-slip glue on the soles to make them a bit more grippy. I have a tiled floor in the kitchen and can see myself going arse over tit if I don't have any grip on them...


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