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Thursday, 3 March 2016

(A slightly late) Wednesday's Week


I know, it's actually Thursday, but hey. Both the kiddies and myself have come down with a viral bug, so we've all been feeling sorry for ourselves and trying to rest up.

Due to the plague hitting our house, this week hasn't been too exciting. As I mentioned in the last post, we were featured on the Mother's Day gift guide on the Enchanted Pixie blog, which is awesome! If you haven't stumbled across the Enchanted Pixie blog before, go and check it out, it's really great, and I can definitely relate in a lot of ways to Polly's posts.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I've been busy making something for Mum (only something small) that I hope she'll love. We've been busy working on a custom sized set, which is always fun to work on. I enjoy grading the patterns up and (surprisingly) the mathematical side of it, even though I always hated maths at school!

We've had a few issues restocking a fabric, which is one major downside to only being able to purchase small amounts in one go. This particular fabric is purchased on Ebay, and even though I purchased the exact same listing as I had previously, they sent me a slightly different fabric. I thought maybe it was my issue, as the shop has three listings with different prices but all with the same picture and description (confusing!), so I purchased another listing only to be sent the same, wrong fabric again. I have messaged them to no avail. I even put a note on my second purchase,which obviously went ignored. Grrr. So I'm going to have to chase it up, which is a pain. I really hope I can get the same fabric again, or I will have to stop making it and take this particular set off Etsy which is a shame.

At the weekend, we took the kids on our monthly National Trust day out, and this time we visited Rainham Hall, which was about 40 minutes away by car, so not too bad. It was a really great day, and Logan really enjoyed himself, even if he did freeze to death eating out outdoor picnic (although he did defrost with a nice hot chocolate from the cafe).

The London fabric trip this weekend is cancelled, instead we are having a much needed business meeting. We have never had a proper meeting, and as Lucky Sew and Sew grows, I really feel like we need to focus and pull all the loose ends in and trim them up nice and tidy.

So, not much to catch up on, I am now going to go and wallow on the sofa with a cup of tea and feel sorry for myself some more.

Too all the Mummas, enjoy your Mother's Day this weekend :)


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