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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday's Week

I can't believe I still don't have a better name for these posts...

Double posting today, sorry! I totally forgot it was Wednesday when I blogged earlier. I am forever loosing track of the days.

So we're not ill anymore, big yay! After weeks of being ill and sleeping terribly, Rori slept well last night, and didn't wake up for her first feed until 3.30am. Did you hear me?! THREE THIRTY!!! To those of you who do not have tiny humans yet, you may not understand my enthusiasm, so let me explain. Usually at 3.30am, I have already been up with Rori about a gazillion times, my eyes are burning with tiredness, my mouth dry with middle-of-the-night thirst that comes from nowhere. I have a tension headache, am worn out, and basically done with life. So, to actually be able to sleep until then, without her in my bed and in her own cot...PROGRESS my friend.

The rest of today has all just felt like a winner really. I managed to put the shopping away, blog, keep the kids fed and watered, Rori took a nap - IN HER COT and not on my chest (!!!), cook a yummy dinner, work out (say whaaaaaat!), do a tiny bit of sewing, take a trip to the post office and basically just feel like i'm swimming with the tide today and not against it. Hallelujah.

So, what else has happened this week? Like I mentioned in last week's post - our London trip was cancelled and instead we were going to have a much needed business meeting. So, Saturday morning I headed over to Mum's house, sketchbook in hand. First of all we took a trip to buy some stationary, because...well, stationary. Then we had some lunch, because...well, lunch. Finally we felt prepared enough to get started. We spent HOURS pouring over SO MUCH STUFF! And to be honest, it still didn't feel like we got anywhere. No, that's a lie. We did make a lot of decisions and got really focused on lots of things. We have a plan of action, and lots of new, shiny things are in the pipelines for Lucky. I'm feeling super positive and motivated for things to come this year. PUMPED.

Our meeting on Saturday - fueled by coffee

After our meeting on Saturday, I headed into town to get my Mother's Day present - my new tattoo. WOOP! I had booked in with my regular tattooist, who has done the majority of my other work. When Logan was 6 weeks old I got his name tattooed just under my collarbone on the left. I've been wanted to have 'Aurora' done to match on the other side for, well, like 10 months! So what better time than my first Mother's Day with both kiddies. I haven't got a great picture yet, but when I have, i'll show you it. I LOVE it.

THIS IS DELICIOUS NECTAR! I got this to take to my tattoo appointment. It is LIFE! Go get it!

I came home to a bunch of lovely flowers given to me from Logan who proudly told me he picked them out himself. Cutie-Pie. Onthe Sunday we headed over to Mum and Dad's again, and we gave Mum her cards and pressies. I got her a few bits and made her a gold satin pair of knickers with black trim. She loved them. She sent me an underwear selfie the next day with her new knickers on. That's normal right?! That's when you know lingerie rules your life. Dad cooked us all a yummy dins of Chilli. Perfect mummy's day. Oh me and Mum did also go for a Mother's day lunch at Logan's pre-school on Friday which was fun. we had jam sandwiches and sausage rolls and he gave me a pasta shape necklace and a hand-print card. Makes my heart melt!

Ready for our Mother's Day date at pre-school

Logan took this picture of me and Mum after our Mummy lunch

We celebrated International Women's Day yesterday with 30% off our two most popular sets and that went down a storm!
Felix bralette

We've seriously got so many AWESOME new ideas, and I've got a few samples on the go right now. I can't wait to show you ALL the new things!


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