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Monday, 7 November 2016

Growing and Learning

In the last 6 months, Lucky Sew and Sew has really grown. I don't just mean on a monetary or social media level. I mean it has matured and settled into itself. Perhaps that's an echo of how I'm feeling, as I guess I sort of feel the same about myself. As a woman, a mother, a business owner - I feel comfortable. Lucky feels comfortable. I feel like it's found it's feet, and so have I.

I've learnt a lot in the last 6 months. Running a handmade business isn't all about the making of the product, a massive part of it is the stuff that you don't even think about. I've never thought of myself as much of a business minded person. I'm not very good with numbers and technology. Or maybe I'd just never flexed those muscles much before. From the conception of the idea for the Lucky Muthah collection to now, when I sit and take it all in, I'm pretty amazed at how many different skills I've had to learn and utilise along the way.

Aside from the bits I'm used to (designing the bra, pattern grading, sewing etc) there are so many new things that I've had to learn/blag along the way with this collection. Working direct with factories and wholesalers to order large quantities was new for me. Sourcing suppliers and dealing with them as a business owner was new. Designing products in Photoshop was new (and something I actually really enjoy!). Setting up photoshoots, modelling, editing photos, typing and distributing a press release...basically treating Lucky as a business and not a hobbie.

There's also the technology stuff which I still struggle with such as a website. I've finally worked out how to host my blog on my own domain. I've just set up a new email address for the website ( and I've been looking at how to get a new layout for the website. Something more simple and sophisticated. It'll probably take me a while to figure it out! The aim is to merge the blog and a shop on the website so that I can sell direct through the website as well as via Etsy. I'd also LOVE to create a PDF sewing pattern for the Lucky Muthah nursing bras so that people can sew them themselves. But unless I find someone who can help me do that, it probably won't happen as it seems a bit too involved to be able to teach myself! (Shoutout to all techno wizards to get in contact now).

I think running a business is a constant learning curve. I'm going to share anything I've learned with you - I don't see the point in being selfish with knowledge. We should help each other out, right? I made up a little thing in Photoshop last week which is a print out for a 'Shipping Log'. I use it each time I go to the post office to keep a track on what I've posted and when. I'll upload it onto here next week for you to download and use as you wish. Hopefully it can help you organise your shipping like it has helped me!

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  1. You are doing great things with your business long may it grow, there is a lot to a business been there done it now happy doing it as a hobby again,


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