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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Me Made - Woven Hudson Pants & Seamwork Rio Tee

The best thing about having a separate sewing space is that I can fit in little bits of selfish sewing here and there between sewing orders and before I know it, I've managed to finish up whatever it is that I'm working on.

This week I've managed to sew my first pair of woven Hudson Pants and a cat print Rio Tee. Here's the details:

So let's start with the top. The Rio Tee is a pattern by Seamworks. If you're not familiar with Seamworks, it's a monthly online sewing magazine and each month they release two brand new patterns. I subscribe for around 6 dollars a month (I think) and for that I get to read the new issue each month and get two credits to downloads any patterns from the Seamwork collection. This my friends, is a bargain. You can of course purchase the Seamwork patterns without subscribing to the magazine, but why miss out on such a great read?! I got the Rio tee pattern a while ago and haven't gotten round to using it yet, but figured it would be a great staple. The fabric I used is a cotton jersey from EBay (the textile centre to be specific) which is a nice neutral colour with a black cat print. 

My measurements are a little hit and miss and don't usually fit into one size. My waist is small in comparison to my hips and my boobs are big in comparison to my waist. Bit of a nightmare. I went with the size that fit my bust and then graded out to the next size up at the hips. This was my first tshirt, and I was really surprised at how simple it was to sew. I used my over locker on most of it and a twin needle around the neck, sleeves and bottom hem. 

Overall I really like this pattern. It's a little long for my liking, even though I have a long torso, it's still reallllly long. Next time I'll chop a few inches off. Other than that it fit well, it's quick and simple to sew and I can see myself making more of these!

Now onto the pants. The Hudson Pants by True Bias is one of my all time favourite patterns. I've made a few pairs in jersey already and live in them. When I went fabric shopping on the Goldhawk Road a few months ago I fell in love with a navy moleskin fabric which had a lovely stretch to it. I instantly thought that they would make a gorgeous pair of smart Hudson's. It was more pricey than I would usually go for at £14 a metre, but it was worth it, it's such a nice fabric! I bought 1.5 metres and it was the perfect amount.

As I was making from a woven fabric I sized up two sizes. I forwent the cuffs as I wanted to be able to roll the trousers up, and I added in self drafted pockets to the back. But other than that I made them exactly as per the instructions. In hindsight I needn't have sized up two sizes because although the fabric was woven, it did have quite a decent stretch. When I tried them on they 'bloomed' a bit under the waistband, so I decided to add in a couple of pleats in a very unconventional manner. I literally folded in a pleat and hand stitched it down along the waistband seam so it was invisible. Not perfect but it worked and I really like the pleats there. I didn't hem the legs and just over locked the raw edges because I knew I'd be rolling them up anyway. 

All in all, I really like these trousers. They're super comfy and they're a little smart looking which is exactly what I was after. The fabric is lovely and thick and feels really expensive. I'll have to carry one of those lint rollers with me whenever I wear these though because all the fluff sticks in the pile! 

So here's my Me Made outfit, complete with a Lucky Muthah nursing bra peeking out, and my obligatory socks and flowery DM's. 


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