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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Viva España

Hello (or should I say 'Hola'?) from my new life.

I'll tell you a secret - I did actually write a blog post last week and then I forgot to share it and now it wouldn't really make sense...typical, really. Never find the time to blog and then when I do I forget to share it. Doh!

Anyway so a little catch up is in order. Myself, a Mum and the kids are now in Spain with Rich and my Dad in our rental place. We had a few days off when we first got here as it was Logan's 4th birthday and we wanted to settle in and enjoy it. Then straight back to it on Monday with a trip to Ikea so we could buy some furniture for our new home studio, plus obligatory meatballs. Home studio sounds so fancy but let's be real - it's just one of the back rooms of the cave part of the house (yes I said cave - this house was originally a 400 year old cave house but now it has been modernised with an extension and stuff. This means our room and the kids rooms have no windows and are made for tiny people. Rich is forever bumping his head. I however, am finally thankful for never growing taller than 5'4") with super bright light bulbs in. But a studio it is none the less!

The special offer we run last month to celebrate being in Gurgle magazine was massively successful and we had more orders than we did in our pre-order month which I never thought would happen. So we started work Tuesday morning with over 80 bras to sew. We managed to sew 16 and ship them yesterday. It was a bit of a weird week to be honest and we didn't get through as many orders as I'd hoped. We spent a lot of time moving things around in the studio and getting into the flow of things. I had a lot of admin type things to do as well which seems to be taking over life right now. I literally go to sleep thinking about work, dream about it, wake up in the night and make notes on my phone, then wake up in the morning and start work before I even have breakfast or brush my teeth. Intense.

Postage is a little more than I originally thought so that is something I need to look into. I'm also in the process of adding gift certificates to the shop ready for the festive season,no just need to finish editing the pictures.

Currently thinking about:
-fabrics for bikinis/swimsuits for summer next year
-bringing in a nude/light choice for the nursing bras
-PDF sewing pattern of the nursing bras (which won't happen unless I magically become less of a technophobe)
-the collabs I have coming up (which are very exciting)
-new patch designs I've been sketching up

I'm off to finish up watching The Secret Life of Pets with the wildlings and hoping I can sneak into the studio later to finish the dress I've been sewing up. Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Do your sewing machines work ok on the current /amp out there or do have to use an adapter I was thinking this the other day, dont know why, anyway I hope you settle well in to your new life and routine.

    1. They work fine here with nothing needed, luckily!


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