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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Our First Pin Is Coming! (And you can pre-order it now!)

What better way to start the new year than with new products coming? I've been wanting to dip my toes into the sea of enamel pins for a while, and we've had quite a few requests to turn our popular 'Mamas Lactate' patch design into a pin over the last few months.

Mamas Lactate Embroidered Patches by Lucky Sew and Sew

I sketched the design up one afternoon whilst in the midst of working on the launch of the Lucky Muthah nursing bras. I'd been hearing on social media a lot of stories regarding women who were breastfeeding their baby in public being ridiculed and verbally abused, and even asked to leave establishments for indecency. What the fuck is indecent about a baby being given milk. Milk from their mother. Milk that was MADE by NATURE for them to drink. What the hell?! It's the most natural thing in the world to see a mother doing, and yet in this day in age, some people seem to think it's wrong. I could go on about this subject as it's something I feel incredibly passionate about, but I'll save that for another day and another post, as I've digressed. Back to my nub...Whilst reading these incredibly shitty stories about today's dire society, I got angry. And the phrase 'Haters Gonna Hate, Mamas Gonna Lactate' popped into my head. Because to me, no matter what anybody else says, I'm gonna go ahead and give my baby the milk that my body has made for them WHENEVER and WHEREVER they want it, because that's my right (and pretty much my job) as a Mother. To make sure my baby is fed and looked after. And yeah sure, sometimes Mum's can't breastfeed or don't want to and that baby may get their milk from a bottle, and that's cool. But if that Mum can grab a bottle in the middle of  Primark to stop her babies hunger cries, then why the heck should I be frowned upon for giving my baby the boob in the same shop? A bottle is where milk comes from. So's a boob. And a boob was around a long time before a bottle was.

Mamas Lactate Badge by Lucky Sew and Sew

We have the Haters Lactate patch in 3 colour ways, and we also have it as a badge. For the enamel pin we decided to go with the black background and gold accents, because black and gold FOREVER. I literally can't wait to get the pin here, it's estimated to arrive between the middle and end of  January. The excitement overtook me so much so that I did spill the beans over on Instagram that the pin was being made when I was trying to keep it a secret...

Much to my relief our followers were really excited about it and wanted to buy one like, right now. So we went ahead and made it available in the shop on pre-order and they've sold like hotcakes over the last 24 hours (if it keeps going at this rate they'll be sold out before they even arrive!)

Haters Lactate Enamel Pin by Lucky Sew and Sew


Thursday, 29 December 2016

Simple Sew Smokey Tshirt dress

Ages ago I bought this ponte roma fabric from Ebay (The Textile Centre, obvs) and I just didn't know what to do with it. Also ages ago, I picked up a sewing magazine with a free pattern with it. It was a Simple Sew pattern for a tshirt, tshirt dress and sailor pants/shorts. I've searched their website but can't seem to find a link or a picture for the pattern, which is strange. Anyway, I digress...

I really need to start making a dent in my fabric stash (to make room for new fabric of course) and I decided a simple Tee-dress could be a wardrobe staple, and this fabric would work well for that. It's stretchy, but yet really sturdy. Nice and thick for the winter and easily worn with different colours to make it pop a bit.

I sewed up the largest size in this. As we all know by now, my relativity wide hips are a pain to fit into a graded size without making the top half too big. On this sort of dress I thought a baggier top half wouldn't matter so much. I could have gone for the size down to be honest, but I didn't want any tightness at all around the bum/tummy/hip area, so better safe than sorry I went with the biggest.

The dress was super quick to cut out and sew. The fabric was easy to work with too so this was a pretty enjoyable make. The majority was done on the overlocker and I used a lightening stitch to top-stitch the neck and arm cuffs. The fit is good and what I expected. And well, it looks OK on I guess. It's not one of my favourites and I can't put my finger on what it is. I actually found it really hard to pick a pair of shoes to go with it. My DM's look strange, as did my trainers and boots. I went with metallic brogues in the end, but I'm not sold on those either. I have worn it a couple of times around the house though, so it can't be that bad, I'm just not sure if it's totally 'me'.

So here's some snaps of me in the dress from a couple of weeks ago. on a lovely sunny day. Since then the weather has turned miserable and it's been chucking it down for days!


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Noodlehead Road Trip Case

Sharing a bit of my Christmas sewing early this year (well, the kids won't see it so why not?!). I bought the Noodlehead Road Trip Case pattern LAST Black Friday. So over a year ago (in this blog post here). And I've only just got round to using it. Terrible.

I wanted to make the kids one each, so they have something to take in the car, or take with them when we go to visit relatives etc. This is the perfect pattern. It has a few different options for pockets, and mine are a bit of a mish-mash. I didn't have any clear vinyl to make the zip pocket, so I went with  the flap pockets, and then made the pocket slots on the other side up. I wanted somewhere they could pop their crayons and books, and it worked out well.

I used 4 different fabrics which matched pretty well, and mixed them up between the two cases. Cutting the first case gave me a bit of a headache, the options for cutting out alternative pockets I found a little confusing. But once I'd done one the next was quicker. The same with sewing them up. I used my walking foot to quilt the outer and linings, then they went together relatively quickly.

I'm pleased with how they turned out. I've filled them with colouring books, stickers, crayons, temporary tattoos and little chocolates. I can't wait to see them open their cases tomorrow!

I really want to make myself a few of these now, they're so handy! I could have one for my paints, one for hand lettering pens, one for colouring books....endless possibilities!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Punky Moms UK - PMUK - The Punky Mom Family

Anyone who has ever moved somewhere new in their life, will understand how overwhelming the feelings of isolation, solitude and loneliness can be. I've moved a lot of times in my life, moving countries, moving cities and towns. Starting a new chapter, leaving old friends behind. I've never found it easy to make friends in real life. My awkwardness in any social situation and resting bitch face doesn't give me the easiest start. I'm not confident enough to approach people,and I'm not ashamed to say I don't have that many friends. Moving around so much means I never got those deep rooted ties with friends that people have since infancy. Bring having a baby at 21 into the mix, and the isolation that that motherhood can bring, and I was pretty lonely.

Support Your Local Mama Gang Blue Patch

When you have a newborn and the feeding is relentless, social media can be an escape. 5 minutes not to think of the mountain of bottles I need to wash/breast pumps I need to sterilise/washing I need to fold. But with all of the comparing of my own life to other peoples seemingly perfect ones was making me feel pretty shitty. Social media can be a savage beast. Comparing your life to other people's can lead to a downward spiral of negativity. Especially the 'my baby can do this already', 'my baby can sing opera', 'my baby can recite the entirety of Poe's Raven word for word at 32 months'. I don't think hitting back with 'Well, my baby managed not to puke in my hair today AND we managed a trip to Asda' would compete really.

I was trying to be a good Mum. Trying to start a business. Trying to pay bills. Trying to figure out what foods won't choke my baby-led weaning baby to death. Trying to figure shit out. Trying to be myself as well as 'Mum'. Trying not to loose myself. Trying to not give a shit that the other Mum's at the baby group didn't talk to me because of my colourful hair and tattoos. Trying to figure out why the fuck everyone else seemed to balance things so easily when I was having a rough time. Trying to figure out why no one understood my struggles.

Punky Moms Coffee Mug - Gifts For Mum - Feminist Mama

In step Punky Moms.

I stumbled across a post in my Instagram search page. I can't even remember what the picture was of now, but something about it got me interested. I clicked on the picture which took me to the instagram page for Punky Moms. 'Come and join our facebook group' it said among pictures of Mums like me who are perhaps a bit 'alternative', Mum's who are breastfeeding past 6 months, co-sleeping, keeping their own individuality and trying to Mother as hard as they can. Desperate to connect with people that 'got' me, I commented saying how I wanted to join and please can I be added.

Paula added me right then. Paula. Paula the angel who gives Mums like me a place to go where they won't be judged. Won't be laughed at for being themselves, or for making a mistake, or for having a really shit day and needing to tell someone about it. Punky Moms gave me the confidence to truly be who I am. To find the balance between mothering and being myself. It's enabled me to talk to other like-minded Mums and seek advice when I'm unsure of something. That's not to say that every woman in Punky Moms has the same opinions. Definitely not, it's an incredibly diverse group of individuals. But nobody there will lie to you. Everyone's opinions are noted, valued and respected. Punky Moms has let me make connections and grow my business. I've met some truly inspirational Mums from all walks of life. Ladies who I would never have been able to connect with in real life.

Down With Apathy Black Sweatshirt - PMUK

Punky Moms has made my move to Spain easier because I know that when I go into that group, I instantly have people who will laugh with me, cry with me, listen to me, delight in my happiness and offer support in my lowest of lows. I don't have to pretend to have tea ready at 5pm, or have given my children nothing but water and vegetables all day, or even that I haven't been sat in my PJ's all day. It's given me stability. When every other aspect of my life can seem to be crumbling down around me, Punky Moms always has my back.

Riot Mthrrr Gray & Black Raglan
Riot Mthrrr Tee

Those women are REAL women. Women who are owning their shit and building other women up and not tearing them down. Providing solidarity and support without judgement or agenda. These women are the shit, and I love each and every one of them. But especially you Paula. You made this possible and made the lives of so many Mums that little bit easier, and for that you are a Saint and I can't applaud you and express my gratitude enough.

A brilliant shopper bag to have. Kicking Motherhood In The Ass

Paula is the lady behind Punky Moms. She also sells the coolest Mama Merch in her shops - check out the links below.  I'm lucky enough to have the chance to meet up with her and some other special Punky's in London next month, and I can't wait.

Now, enough of me waxing lyrical - go and check it out for yourself!

The main website is full of amazingly helpful articles written by Mums. (If you look really hard you might see us mentioned in a few!).
Punky Moms
Checkout the merchandise - the best in town for all the best Mama Merch
Punky Mums Shop
This is the link to the Punky Mums UK website and shop
Punky Moms UK
And this is the link for the facebook group
PMUK Facebook Group


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Adventures in the Mountains - Family Hiking November 16

Last month we went on quite a few hikes. A mixture of cabin fever and sunny weather called for only one thing - adventure. We put on our hiking boots, strapped Rori in her carrier, filled up our water bottles and set off.

At the moment we are renting a strange old villa in a small rural town in the mountains of rural Spain, which is about 20 minutes from the land we are purchasing to build our house. Literally across the road from our front door is a little track leading up into the olive groves and the side of the Mountain. It's a well known hiking and mountain biking route and often have groups of people flock by our house at the weekends and on national and local fiestas. There are a few marked routes that take you way up into the mountain, but as we've had the little leg-crew with us when we've gone exploring, we've not traveled those routes yet.

At one point along our route there's an abandoned cluster or houses and buildings. Hardly a village by English standards, but by Spanish standards I guess it once would have been. The old crumbling walls show remnants of long-ago decorated blue exteriors with big chunky wooden doors. To me it looks like something straight outta Mexico and I love it.

Here's a few pics that I took on our last sunny excursion.


Monday, 19 December 2016

Maple Roasted Sweet Potato Bites - Vegan Snack

As we entered the festive season full steam ahead, I was craving a snack that was sweet, savory, healthy and DELICIOUS. All. Boxes. Ticked. With Logan being a veggie, and Rori being such a hungry kid, I needed something they could both snack on that felt like a treat, but actually was pretty good for them. With chocolate and other sugar-ladened sweets being literally everywhere you look in the shops at this time of year, I needed something to balance out the daily consumption of advent calendar choccies.

Enter the Smokey Maple Roasted Sweet Potato Bites. Little bites of delight. This is the sort of thing you can make a batch of, have some in a salad, and snack on the rest of those sticky, soft, crispy cubes whilst watching a movie. They are that good, they rival popcorn.

Sweetness from the maple. smokey from the paprika, little crunchy salty crispy roasted edges, soft and buttery sweet centre. These remind me in flavour of bacon  - not in a meaty way, but in a smokey sweet way. A good way. Logan's pleased as the only meaty thing he misses as a veggie is the flavour of bacon. AND these are vegan too! Winner,winner. Mummy points times infinity. 

I made a big bowl of these and they were gone within minutes. Rori couldn't even keep her hands off of them long enough for me to take a picture. Can I blame her? Nope!

So if you are in need of some smokey sweet vegan  goodness, grab your sweet potato and let's get snacking my friends.

You Will Need:
- 1 large sweet potato, cut into smallish cubes
- 2 tbsp Maple syrup
- 1 heaped tsp smoked paprika (normal paprika will work too, but smoked paprika gives that lovely smokey quality)
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- big pinch sea salt

What you need to do:
Heat your oven to 180  degrees. Grab your sweet potato and peel it. Cut into smallish cubes, roughly uniform in size. Get your roasting dish or tray, You'll want one large enough to have the cubes of potato more or less on one layer so they go nice and crispy. 
Pop the cubes into your roasting dish. drizzle over the olive oil, maple syrup and smoked paprika. Get your hands in there and give the cubes a good mix, rubbing them all around and getting them evenly coated.
When well coated, use your fingers to spread the cubes out, giving them a little space to make sure they roast and not steam. Sprinkle your salt over the coated cubes evenly.
Chuck your dish into the middle of your oven. They will take 20-30 minutes to roast depending on how large your cubes are and how crispy you want them.*
Stir every 10 minutes to make sure they roast evenly and don't stick, and that they aren't getting burnt.
They're done when they are soft in the middle, nicely browned, with little crispy edges of hsppiness happening. 

Serve in place of croutons in a lovely salad with rocket and sun dried tomatoes, as a side in your favourite lunch bowl, stirred through quinoa, or my favourite - in a big bowl in front of the TV.

*If they are cooking, but not going crispy, knock your oven temperature up a little. 
*If they are colouring but not cooking, knock the temperature down a little.

So give these a try and see for yourself how this humble vegetable can be turned into this winner of a vegan snack. Then tell all of your friends about your new favourite healthy snack and have a Smokey-Maple-Sweet-Potato-Bite-Movie-Night-Party and spread the happiness!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Shipping Log - Free Downloadable Printable

As I mentioned in this blog post here, I created a shipping log printable. I've used this so often, it's really made life easier for me with Lucky Sew and Sew. We all know being self employed and running a small business ain't easy, and it's good to have something make life a little more simple.

Although Etsy is relatively easy to keep a track of shipping, I find it easier myself to have things written down and filed away. What I do is each day I'm making a trip to the post office and posting off orders, I fill in these sheets with the date of posting and the location I have posted them (there's two post offices local to me) and all the other details. Then if somebody messages me with a query wondering when their order will arrive, I check which date i posted on Etsy, then go to my file and get the shipping log for that date. I can then see which post office it was sent from, and also check the other orders that were shipped on the same date and see if any of those have arrived yet. 

Here in Spain, we don't get itemised receipts in the post office, so it's also good to keep a track of costs etc.

So, if you're an Etsy seller, or a seller through any other online platform, hopefully this printable may be able to help you like it's helped me! 


Monday, 12 December 2016

Last Order Dates for Christmas and Gift Vouchers

Happy Humpday!

So the big C-word is approaching quicker than I'd like. Obviously I'm talking about Christmas. I've put in the blurb of the Etsy shop and on social media what the last order dates are to get your goodies in time for the big day, but I thought I'd pop it on here too.

For nursing bras and all other lingerie, the last day to order is Sunday 27th November
For all gift vouchers, patches and badges, the last order date is Sunday 11th December.

So, if you want to get your baby mama a nursing bra for Christmas, you have until this Sunday to order! Or, if your mama hasn't finished baking the baby yet, a gift voucher is a good option - they're valid for 6 months and can be redeemed against anything in the shop.

We currently have 20% off across the whole shop, including gift vouchers! So you can bag a £50 voucher for only £40. BARGAIN my friends. We also have knickers from £10.

Right ok, now you e been updated, it's time for my to crawl back into my sewing cave and carry on chipping away at the order list. I'm hoping to be caught up by the end of next week - we shall see!


Gurgle Magazine Feature and Special Offer!

YAY! So I went and got my copies of this months Gurgle magazine this morning and I can't believe it! I never in a million years thought something I made would be featured in a nationwide magazine. It's INSANE! I wanted to buy a hundred copies but there were only two left in the shop, so I got those and will buy some more another day.

After I bought the mags I took the kids to the local ice-cream shop which had a soft play area so that they could play and I could celebrate with a scoop of Espresso Salted Caramel and a flick through the pages.

Here's a couple of pics of the page. The write up is lovely - although I am a Mum of two, not one as they have mentioned. It shouldn't really make a difference but it does to me. Those of you with two kids will understand how much HARDER two kids are than one!

In celebration of being featured in Gurgle,we have decided to do a little special offer on the Lucky Muthah nursing bras. There's £10 off, making the single bras £30, the two-pack £50 and the full three-pack £80.

If you have treated your milk-makers to a Lucky Muthah nursing bra, make sure you use the hashtag #luckymuthah on any of the pictures that you share on Instagram - I love seeing them!

Have a great week lovelies!
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