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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Punky Moms UK - PMUK - The Punky Mom Family

Anyone who has ever moved somewhere new in their life, will understand how overwhelming the feelings of isolation, solitude and loneliness can be. I've moved a lot of times in my life, moving countries, moving cities and towns. Starting a new chapter, leaving old friends behind. I've never found it easy to make friends in real life. My awkwardness in any social situation and resting bitch face doesn't give me the easiest start. I'm not confident enough to approach people,and I'm not ashamed to say I don't have that many friends. Moving around so much means I never got those deep rooted ties with friends that people have since infancy. Bring having a baby at 21 into the mix, and the isolation that that motherhood can bring, and I was pretty lonely.

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When you have a newborn and the feeding is relentless, social media can be an escape. 5 minutes not to think of the mountain of bottles I need to wash/breast pumps I need to sterilise/washing I need to fold. But with all of the comparing of my own life to other peoples seemingly perfect ones was making me feel pretty shitty. Social media can be a savage beast. Comparing your life to other people's can lead to a downward spiral of negativity. Especially the 'my baby can do this already', 'my baby can sing opera', 'my baby can recite the entirety of Poe's Raven word for word at 32 months'. I don't think hitting back with 'Well, my baby managed not to puke in my hair today AND we managed a trip to Asda' would compete really.

I was trying to be a good Mum. Trying to start a business. Trying to pay bills. Trying to figure out what foods won't choke my baby-led weaning baby to death. Trying to figure shit out. Trying to be myself as well as 'Mum'. Trying not to loose myself. Trying to not give a shit that the other Mum's at the baby group didn't talk to me because of my colourful hair and tattoos. Trying to figure out why the fuck everyone else seemed to balance things so easily when I was having a rough time. Trying to figure out why no one understood my struggles.

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In step Punky Moms.

I stumbled across a post in my Instagram search page. I can't even remember what the picture was of now, but something about it got me interested. I clicked on the picture which took me to the instagram page for Punky Moms. 'Come and join our facebook group' it said among pictures of Mums like me who are perhaps a bit 'alternative', Mum's who are breastfeeding past 6 months, co-sleeping, keeping their own individuality and trying to Mother as hard as they can. Desperate to connect with people that 'got' me, I commented saying how I wanted to join and please can I be added.

Paula added me right then. Paula. Paula the angel who gives Mums like me a place to go where they won't be judged. Won't be laughed at for being themselves, or for making a mistake, or for having a really shit day and needing to tell someone about it. Punky Moms gave me the confidence to truly be who I am. To find the balance between mothering and being myself. It's enabled me to talk to other like-minded Mums and seek advice when I'm unsure of something. That's not to say that every woman in Punky Moms has the same opinions. Definitely not, it's an incredibly diverse group of individuals. But nobody there will lie to you. Everyone's opinions are noted, valued and respected. Punky Moms has let me make connections and grow my business. I've met some truly inspirational Mums from all walks of life. Ladies who I would never have been able to connect with in real life.

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Punky Moms has made my move to Spain easier because I know that when I go into that group, I instantly have people who will laugh with me, cry with me, listen to me, delight in my happiness and offer support in my lowest of lows. I don't have to pretend to have tea ready at 5pm, or have given my children nothing but water and vegetables all day, or even that I haven't been sat in my PJ's all day. It's given me stability. When every other aspect of my life can seem to be crumbling down around me, Punky Moms always has my back.

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Those women are REAL women. Women who are owning their shit and building other women up and not tearing them down. Providing solidarity and support without judgement or agenda. These women are the shit, and I love each and every one of them. But especially you Paula. You made this possible and made the lives of so many Mums that little bit easier, and for that you are a Saint and I can't applaud you and express my gratitude enough.

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Paula is the lady behind Punky Moms. She also sells the coolest Mama Merch in her shops - check out the links below.  I'm lucky enough to have the chance to meet up with her and some other special Punky's in London next month, and I can't wait.

Now, enough of me waxing lyrical - go and check it out for yourself!

The main website is full of amazingly helpful articles written by Mums. (If you look really hard you might see us mentioned in a few!).
Punky Moms
Checkout the merchandise - the best in town for all the best Mama Merch
Punky Mums Shop
This is the link to the Punky Mums UK website and shop
Punky Moms UK
And this is the link for the facebook group
PMUK Facebook Group



  1. I totally agree with you. Nelly added me to pmuk months ago and I'm so pleased she did. It's such a great group and all you women inspire me daily.

    1. Pleased to meet you fellow Punky! Glad you've found your place their too ❤️


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