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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Shipping Log - Free Downloadable Printable

As I mentioned in this blog post here, I created a shipping log printable. I've used this so often, it's really made life easier for me with Lucky Sew and Sew. We all know being self employed and running a small business ain't easy, and it's good to have something make life a little more simple.

Although Etsy is relatively easy to keep a track of shipping, I find it easier myself to have things written down and filed away. What I do is each day I'm making a trip to the post office and posting off orders, I fill in these sheets with the date of posting and the location I have posted them (there's two post offices local to me) and all the other details. Then if somebody messages me with a query wondering when their order will arrive, I check which date i posted on Etsy, then go to my file and get the shipping log for that date. I can then see which post office it was sent from, and also check the other orders that were shipped on the same date and see if any of those have arrived yet. 

Here in Spain, we don't get itemised receipts in the post office, so it's also good to keep a track of costs etc.

So, if you're an Etsy seller, or a seller through any other online platform, hopefully this printable may be able to help you like it's helped me! 


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