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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Striped Linen Ethel Pants by Style Arc - #2017MakeNine

I AM ON A ROLL my friends. My third #2017MakeNine project ticked off and it's still only January. Say WHAT?!!

I picked the Ethel Pants from Style Arc patterns because I constantly on the hunt for the perfect trouser pattern. I've learnt that I like the following:
- Rolled hem, Ankle grazer length
- Elasticated mid-waist
- Side pockets
- Front pleats
- dropped crotch

The Ethel Pants seemed to encompass all of those design elements that I seeked. I cut them out of a lovely crisp Cotton/Rayon blend from Fabwork Mills Online which is a navy colour with rust coloured vertical stripes, and looks a like a linen. A bit out of my comfort zone, but I've currently got a thing for linen and I figured the vertical stripes could only aid my vertically challenged body.

Easy peasy to cut, and sewing them up was just as easy and straightforward. The only change I made was to the construction of the waistband, which sounded unnecessarily complicated the way they instructed you to make it, so I made it the same way as the Hudson Pants waist band and it worked perfectly.

Style Arc Ethel Pants by Lucky Sew and Sew

I really like these trousers, and I'm a bit surprised to be honest. I didn't realise quite how 'balloon' shaped the legs are. BUT, that being said, I think I can work with it and style it out. What do you think? Are stripey, drop-crotch, baggy pants a little too much?!

I'm also wearing them with my velvet Jane Tee which is perhaps no the best match, but it was handy at the time. And my Nike trainers which I never in a million years thought I would own, let alone wear. But they're SO comfortable...maybe it's an age thing. Now I'm approaching the big 2-6, I'm swapping all of my skinny jeans for baggy linen pants and my high-heels for trainers and boots.

Style Arc Ethel Pants by Lucky Sew and Sew

 So, that's 3 out of my 9 #2017MakeNine completed, I'm 1/3 of the way there! You can follow my progress on my Pinterest Board where you can see all of my completed projects. You can also follow me on Blog Lovin' to make sure you never miss a post.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Black Boyfriend Fit Denim Jacket - Style Arc Stevie Jacket - #2017MakeNine

Ok guys...GUYS! I have managed to sew the jacket of MY DREAMS! I've been after a black boyfriend fit denim jacket for basically forever and they've either been extortionate or didn't fit my proportions well. When I came across Style Arc patterns on Etsy over Christmas, I was instantly smitten with the Stevie Jacket. Every detail I wanted in a denim jacket was present. was marked at their highest difficulty rating. Self-doubt kicked in. Could I tackle this challenge? Can I sew a welt pocket? How the eff do I sew a collar. How do denim buttons work? SO MUCH NEGATIVITY. I acknowledged these destructive-to-my-sew-jo thoughts, and checked myself. We don't improve and move forward if we don't challenge ourselves, right? I literally had the perfect black denim (another Goldhawk Road gem) sat in my stash BEGGING to be made into this delicious jacket. And so, armed with sheer force of will and fifty shades of grey (no shame) on my Ipad, I set to work.

What I first noticed about the Style Arc patterns is that they are intended for a more experienced sewer. No cutting layout is included in the instructions. It just simply informs you to follow the grainline arrows on each pattern piece. So that took an evening of faffing about, but I did it. I even managed to cut out an extra waistband somehow. 

The sewing instructions themselves are very clear and straightforward, and the patterns had lots of notches, including notches for the seam allowances start and finish which was really helpful to make sure they stay nice and uniform and the puzzle pieces fit together easily. A lot of the aspects of this jacket where new to me, but I found that as long as I took my time and read each step through a few times to let it sink in, I managed to finish it up with minimal mistakes. It took me 2 evenings of around 2-3 hours of sewing to complete it. I made sure I ironed at each step and topstitched the hell out of it. I took this sew slowly (unusual for me) because I wanted it to be perfect. And it pretty much is. The welt pockets could do with some improvement and I'm sure with some practice they will get better, but for now, I'm pleased with them and think they're pretty great for my first attempts. 

Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew

A note on sizing - I cut a size 14 even though my hip measurement fell into the size 16 guidelines. I checked the information and as the pattern is supposed to be oversized and had a lot of ease, I knew I would fit a little closer - which is what I wanted and I'm really pleased with the fit - it's perfect for me.

I ordered two colours of buttons because I wasn't sure what would work best - antique silver and antique brass. I went with the brass and they were really easy to use - you just have to hammer them in. I stitched all of the button holes first (measuring up first meant they came out nice and even - I'm not usually one to measure!).

Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew

I am super chuffed with this sew, and I really feel like my sewing is evolving. Sewing my own day-today clothes and not just occasion frocks, is changing how I think about my wardrobe, what I'm sewing, and my style. 

So, this is project number 2 ticked off my #2017MakeNine incentive. Make sure you check out my Pinterest board to keep up to date with my progress, and let me know how yours is going too!

I've also signed up to Blog Lovin' (I know, where have I been, right!?), So go and give me a follow over there to keep up with any new blog posts.

Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew


Monday, 23 January 2017

Our First Enamel Pins Have Landed!


And I love them SO FUCKING MUCH! I'm going to pin one on everything I can stick a pin into basically. They're more awesome than I could ever have imagined.

Everyone who pre-ordered a pin (thank you!), your pin will be posted whilst we're here in the UK, so you should receive them REAL soon. Then make sure you tag the shit out of your pics on Instagram, because I want to see ALL the boobie pins on ALL the Milky Mamas! Tag me in your pics (@luckysewandsew) and use these tags too - #LuckyMuthah and #HatersGonnaHateMamasGonnaLactate


Friday, 20 January 2017

Flying Visit...

As you are reading this, myself and Mama Sew and Sew are on a jet plane on our way to the UK (please let there be no snow!). We are visiting for a few reasons...We're meeting up with special couple of Punky Moms on Monday in London. We're going fabric shopping on the Goldhawk Road. I'm getting a new tattoo for my birthday which is the week after we get back. We have some supplies to pick up whilst we are in the UK too. We've got some prints of our Lioness.Queen.Empress patch design waiting for us (I've wanted to try prints for ages!) and I can't wait to see them!

Lioness Patch by Lucky Sew and Sew

I'm going to miss my babies immeasurably, I've never left them for this long before. But I am also looking forward to having some 'Me' time and recharging my batteries. I'll need it really for the busy year we have ahead, which leads me onto my next point...

What should also be happening whilst you read this post is the sale of our house in the UK should be completing (we exchanged last Friday), and the money being wired into the bank, meaning we can go and buy the land! HALLELUJAH! It's been a long 6 months of waiting and stress, but it's finally happening. So be prepared for lots more blog posts about the process of us buying the land, building our eco home and starting our farm, because we're gonna be in it up to our necks for the foreseeable!


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee - My #2017MakeNine

When this month's Seamwork Magazine landed in my inbox, the Jane tee instantly caught my eye. Being able to sew basics is something I want to expand on. In order to have a functional me-made wardrobe, I need to be able to sew the staples. A perfectly fitting and versatile t-shirt is at the top of the list.

I usually wear v-neck or scoop neck tees, but I really liked the higher neck on the Jane. It would be easy to hack this into a 'ringer' style t-shirt by using contrasting neck band and adding arm cuffs to match.

I've had this deliciously soft velvet in my stash for about a year now. I bought it on the Goldhawk Road at the same time as the green velvet for the Sea Witch set. I just about had enough to make a tee out of it with some creative pattern placement. One of the sleeves had to sit cross-wise to the grain and both sleeves had about an inch off the length to fit them on my metre of fabric.

I usually hate cutting out velvet because its so slippery and thick, but armed with my new Merchant and Mills taior's scissors and dressmaker pins which Rich gave to me for Christmas, it was quick and easy. I used my overlocker for the construction, and then controversially for a stretch fabric, I used a long straight stitch to hem the bottom and sleeves, and top stitch the neckband down.  I initially tried a lightening stitch, but it really didn't look good with the pile on this velvet. As the t-shirt was a relaxed fit, I knew I could get away with a stretch stitch, and it left a much neater finish.

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee by Lucky Sew and Sew

This was a really quick sew, it took around an hour including cutting out the fabric. The fit is perfect for me and what I was after (I cut a Large). The velvet gives it a nice luxury feel and it'll be easy to dress up or down, so I feel it'll be a wardrobe work-horse for sure (in fact, I've already worn it twice!). I also love how the velvet gives it that delicious Toast vibe, for a fraction of the cost of owning an actual Toast item. If you follow me on Pinterest, specifically my 'Ultimate Sewing Inspo' board, you'll have cottoned on to the fact that I have a major crush on the Toast aesthetic. Being able to sew up something Toast-esque for breadcrumb money is deeply satisfying and smug.

Not only is this a successful sew, it also ticks off my first completion for my #2017MakeNine incentive  - 1 down, 8 to go! You can follow my Pinterest board here to keep up with the progress of my #2017MakeNine. How is your incentive going?

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee by Lucky Sew and Sew


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Patch Game - New Designs!

If you've been following for a while, you'll know that together with Tricky, we also have another business - Thor's Threads. Thor's Threads is predominantly an embroidery company, but we've also recently branched out into badges too. (I say we, when usually these days Rich handles the running of Thor's Threads himself as I'm too busy with LS&S). It's handy having an embroidery company, as it means I also get full use of the embroidery machine when it's not being used for orders.

Here at Lucky, we released our first collection of patches in September as part of the Lucky Muthah collection. Our most popular being the Hater's Lactate patch (which you'll know is also coming as our first pin and available to pre-order now!). I had a lot of fun designing the first round of patches. Back in another life before I became a Mum, I was a tattooist and I have a big love for drawing and designing. It feels good to flex those unused muscles every now and again.

I've been making more of an effort lately to tap into what gets my creative juices flowing, and it seems to be music. It helps me zone out of that noisy part of my brain, and tune into what I'm doing. I listen to a lot of different styles, anything from Ska, to hip-hop to folk. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Slim Pickings. If you follow Tricky's blog, you'll have read in this blog post here and here that we met some of the lads from Slim Pickings just before summer, and became pretty good friends. They're from the town we lived in and I'm surprised we hadn't all bumped into each other sooner.

The lads from Slim Pickings are the nicest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet, and they make sweet, sweet music that gets me right in the feels. Rori is their biggest fan. Whenever she hears one of their song's come on she waves one arm in the air and shouts 'FIYAH!' .

I was listening to a song of theirs called 'Lioness' when I designed one of our newest patches. This song is due to be released on their upcoming EP which is due next month. The song really resonated with me. Lioness. Queen. Empress. When you become a Mum, it can be SO HARD to keep your identity. You can get so consumed with being 'Mum' that you totally loose who you are. Then something happens. You learn to embrace your femininity. Your womanhood. The fucking amazing things your body is capable of. You embrace the changes to your body, and you own it. You grow into your new skin. You become comfortable with yourself. You gain a new confidence. You know you're the fucking bomb because you grew a fucking BABY in your TUMMY and kept them alive with milk your body has made specifically for them. That's pretty mind blowing. You know you can handle anything because you managed to live through all of those endless sleepless nights and you came out the other side. You are a fucking Lioness. You are a fucking Queen. And you are a fucking Empress. The quicker you understand and believe this sister, the better.

I'm sure I make all of that sound like it's easy. Like you wake up one day and go 'Oh yeah, there's my long-lost confidence, where ya been?!'. But we know it's not like that. It's taken me 4 long years since Logan was born to finally start to feel a shift in myself, but it does happen, I promise. So, when listening to this song, and thinking about how utterly amazing us females are, I sketched out this design. I wanted to convey the natural beauty that a female body is capable of. Also taking inspiration from my pagan beliefs and tapping into the Maiden/Mother/Crone aspect of femininity, and the shift that takes place between Maiden and Mother. I felt this within myself and decided to honour that with my Triple Goddess tattoo. The Triple Goddess is a symbol of Maiden/Mother/Crone, and also of our ties with the moon and the female deity. Hence the phases of the moon appearing in the patch design.

Along with the Lioness.Queen.Empress patch, there's quite a few other new patches too - and they all have 20% off at the minute in the sale! Which one is your favourite?


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sea Witch Set and the Magic of Friendships

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I'm sure a lot of people do. If I didn't need it so much for business reasons, I would without a doubt disconnect myself from the online world for the majority of the time. I don't like how you can get sucked into it. Sucked into other people's perfectly edited world, sucked into a downward spiral of comparing and sadness. It makes me feel blah. I hate that my kids see me on my phone or Ipad when I'm working because I don't want them to grow up thinking it's a normal, everyday thing. I think it can make you disengage from the world and miss what's in front of you. BUT, that's really a rant for another day and another post. I'm not here today to moan about social media, I'm actually here to talk about something wonderful that came from it.

When I first signed up to Instagram, I followed a bunch of other lingerie designers because it's cool to see what other people are doing and how they work. I thought in my mind we would all be buddies and share stories of designing woes and triumphs, but it wasn't like that, sadly. Understandably designers can be private, and although I respect that, I don't see the need personally for such closely guarded relationships with fellow designers. I'm not perfect. Sometimes things I design and sew aren't perfect. I don't have all the answers and I don't know how to do everything. I wing it A LOT. And I hope that's how I come across on social media. I don't want to participate in the movement of posting perfectly curated photos of my world that make you see it only from rose-tinted glassed kinda deal. I want to be authentic. But not everyone shares my views and they don't want you to see the furry underbelly of what running a handmade business is like. They only want you to see the perfectly manicured and coiffured top of the business. Not everyone wants to join in with my sometimes self-depreciating humour and the way I try and laugh off the bad bits. But I just wanna be REAL WICHOO!

Molly who runs Urban Bird Clothing was one of the first people I followed. I remember when she first delved into lingerie from making custom kimonos and twin-sets and it's been amazing seeing how fast her brand has grown, especially when taking into account that she's managed to grow her business along side achieving a degree in photography at university! I'm not surprised though at all. Her designs are gorgeous. Molly has always been such an open and active presence on my Instagram that this Christmas I asked her if she fancied doing a Festive Lingerie swap with me. Two designers making each other a little gift - what could be better?! I was super stoked when she agreed, and I got to designing something special especially for her. 

I picked up this deliciously soft greeny-blue velvet on the Goldhawk Road last year, with matching mesh, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. It deserved greatness goddamn it, and greatness it was to bestow upon my mannequin in deed. 

The idea to make the basic nursing bra pattern into a high-necked bra had been floating about in my mind for a while, but we all know how much of a jungle my brain is, things could get lost in their for eternity. However, set with the task of designing something amazing for Molly, I just knew this would be THE one. I didn't even make up a sample first, I just went straight in at the deep end and cut it from the good stuff and sewed it up straight away. I'm a firm believer in things going right when they are supposed to, and this was one of those moments. 

One of my mannequins just happens to be the same size as Molly more or less, so once I'd sewn it up, I popped it on 'Manni' (Manni being the name we christened this particular mannequin) and at that particular moment everything in the universe aligned and the bra fitted exactly how I envisioned. Designing win, my friends. A rarity in the designing world, truth be told. 

What I love about this bra is the shape of the straps and how it accentuates the neckline which is an area that I find extremely flattering and sensual. I would style this bra with a loose-ish cami or vest top in a plain colour, and really let the bra do the talking. 

Because the bra is such a show stopper, I thought a pair of simple cut bikini knickers would complete the set. I used the velvet on the front with the contrasting mesh on the back, so although they appear to be a simple pair of knickers, they're actually a little cheeky with the mesh on the bum.And we all love a little bit of sass and cheekiness, amiright?!

Thankfully, Molly loved the set when it arrived, and I equally love the set she made for me. We both decided that we would make this a Christmas tradition between us, so that we both get to flex our creativity and design something new for each other, and receive an amazing handmade and thoughtful lingerie gift each Christmas. Receiving my set from Molly was so exciting, and it was also great to see the techniques she uses - some are the same as mine and some are different, which as a maker, I find ridiculously interesting! 

The set Molly made for me is made from scuba fabric - the same as what I use - it's perfect for lingerie because it holds it shape well, is stretchy, but also sturdy too. You can get it in the most fabulous prints, just like this one that Molly picked. It's a longline triangle cup bralette (both elements I have been wanting to try for myself for a long time), with extra strappy straps which I of course, adore. A triangle cup has been something I haven't tried for myself due to my large boobies, and thinking the triangles just wouldn't support me well enough, but boy, do I LOVE this! Makes me feel so sassy and like a goddess.

 The set Molly from Urban Bird Clothing made for me for our lingerie swap

Molly posted a picture of the set I made her on Instagram, and so many people asked if I would be releasing it, I thought I'd best oblige. People want their velvety yummy lingerie and who am I to deny them? And so, the Sea Witch set (as she has lovingly be named)  has now made an appearance as part of the recent drop of new items - you can find it here. It's VERY limited edition, and there's only 3 sets left and it has 20% off at the moment!

So, as well as coming away from this swap with a new design, a fantastic new set of lingerie, I have also gained a friend and a yearly tradition - that's pretty successful if you ask me!

I also urge you to go and check out Molly's work at Urban Bird Clothing and allow your eyes to feast on her beautiful creations.


Monday, 9 January 2017

Merchant and Mills Tee Shirt - Men's Christmas Gift

Merchant & Mills are probably my most favourite pattern company. Everything they do I love.  I have a couple of their patterns but am yet to sew them up. When I bought a couple of the patterns for myself, I also bought one if their men's sewing patterns. Namely the Tee Shirt pattern. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be right up Rich's street. It's a take on a classic t-shirt, but made from woven fabrics (such as linen, cotton, denim) meaning it can be strong, hard-wearing and durable, just what he'll need for when we start work on the land this year.

With Christmas fast approaching, I knew if I sewed up one each of these bad boys for Rich and my Dad, they would be a hit. For Rich's I went with a blue and black gingham brushed cotton, and for my Dad's I went for a washed denim coloured linen and cotton mix. I bought both fabrics from Fabworks online and they were both only £5 per metre which made these tops a bargain as they used roughly 1.5m each. The only other thing you need to make these Tshirts is a bit of ribbed jersey for the neckband. For Rich's I went for matching black and for Dad's I used contrasting grey.

The pattern is super simple. I approached with caution as I hadn't sewn a woven tshirt before, or sewn with linen either. They literally sewed like a dream. They pattern contains a front pocket, which you don't need to use if you don't want to. In fact, to mix it up a bit I added embroidery to my Dad's pocket which worked out nicely. There's not that many pieces to this pattern, and the construction is straight forward enough with very clear instructions. A very satisfying and professional looking make, and something that is easily customisable.

For reviewing sake, it's interesting to add that I cut and sewed both of these tshirts in a size 42 chest. Rich and Dad are nowhere near similar in shape or stature. Rich is 6ft2" and Dad is 5ft4", and they both hold themselves differently. But strangely enough they both fit them well. Rich's could perhaps be a little smaller on the shoulders, but other than that, perfect.

What I love about M&M patterns is how straight forward the instructions are, but how professional the outcome is. I've now got my eye on their new sewing pattern - The Ellis and Hattie - even though I still have the Factory Dress and the Union Dress that I haven't sewn yet! After making the Tee Shirt pattern however, I wouldreally like to purchase another one from their men's collection, probably the Foreman Jacket. But I have enough other stuff to be getting on with at the moment, so that will have to be put on the back burner for now!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

SALE and New Lucky Sew and Sew Designs available NOW!

The festive period is usually a time of rest and relaxation. Not so much for this Lucky Muthah, I've been a busy bee.

As well as the new enamel pin which is currently in production, I also designed a new patch based on one of my favourite songs from my favourite band, Slim Pickings. They have a new EP coming out, with this particular song on, next month. It's called 'Lioness' (it's fucking rad). We've dipped our toe into something new and we also have some prints on the way of this particular design too which will be available very soon. Can't wait to hang one of those bad boys on my wall as a constant reminder of my fierce, strong womanhood.

We also expanded our lingerie range. We now have a new colour way in - Blush. THE perfect pinky/peachy shade of loveliness.

As you can also see from the picture above - there's no nursing clips...We have added Lucky Muthah bras minus the nursing clips to the shop, as well as Nursing bras without the extra strappy bits, AND matching strappy knickers.

To celebrate releasing all of the new goodies and the New Year, there's 20% off everything! Launch night of the sale went a little crazy. I'm still incredibly humbled and overwhelmed at the response to our creations, I don't think that feeling will ever fade. 


Thursday, 5 January 2017


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen over Christmas and New Year that I joined in with Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille with her #2017MakeNine challenge (you can read about it a bit more in her blog post here). The idea started for Rochelle last year when she gained inspiration from the usually end-of-year round up posts and decided to set a goal of  9 patterns she would like to sew over the following year. Something she could look back and reflect on at the year's end.

I've decided to take part because god knows any extra help with focusing my busy brain is a bonus. But also because I'm determined this year to make my sewing projects more mindful. I want to really put some thought into growing my me-made wardrobe, and make sure the aesthetic is exactly me. When I buy fabrics for example, I tend to be drawn towards prints, but with no actual end-goal in sight for them and they sit, unused. I need to think about wearable fabrics that will last. Slow fashion. Toast taste on lemonade money (more on that in another post). Capsuling (is that a word? It should be...) my wardrobe. Simplifying. Economising. Less waste.

Without further ado, here is my #2017MakeNine pledge:

1. Seamwork Jane - the ULTIMATE tee. Make these in a medium weight, good quality jersey in all colours  - wardrobe staple. I could easily customise with a bit of embroidery and contrasting neck and arm bands. Yes please to 10 of these.

2. Liesl + Co Cinema Dress - Isn't this just the perfect dress?! Having a bit of a Frida Kahlo obsession, I imagine this dress with colourful mexican-inspired floral embroidery on the front yoke and hem. LUSH

3. Style Arc Stevie Jacket - I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a black denim jacket that's a little oversized and boyfriends style for so long, and I can't find one that's a. in my price range and b. not extortionate money. When I stumbled across Style Arc patterns on Etsy the other day (HOW have I not come across them before?!) I did a little happy dance when I saw the Stevie Pattern. I just so happen to have enough black denim in my stash too so hopefully this will be a project I can complete sharpish.

4. Merchant and Mills Factory Dress - I pined over this sewing pattern for SO long and now that I have the pattern in my collection, it needs to get done. Everything about this pattern I love. Simple, but classic.

5. Seamwork Amalda Robe - Luxury lounge wear surely is a must for any sewist. What I love about this pattern is how it can be sewn in a nice light-weight cotton lawn or something for the summer, sewn in flanelette for comfort or, my personal favourite -for luxury sewn in soft drapey silk velvet (so I can pretend it's been purchased from Toast).

6. By Hand London Alix Dress - I'm a big fan of By Hand London patterns. I sewed a Kim Dress last year for my sister in law and have been meaning to make myself one ever since. I took advantage of the Black Friday sales this year and purchased both the Flora and the Alix dress patterns from BHL. The Alix dress in particular is my favourite because I love the 70's feel of it. Something soft, flowing and cool. Boho 70's Queen vibe. Yes, please, fetch the daisies for my hair.

7. Marilla Walker Mercury Pants - I seem to always be on the hunt for the perfect trouser pattern for myself. Version D in particular is what caught my eye. I love the unusual pleat detailing which makes up the cuffs. As you know I'm a huge fan of Marilla's  Roberts Collection pattern and trust that the Mercury Pattern will be just as well received.

8. Merchant and Mills Union Dress - Yet another M&M's pattern (will my love ever waiver? Course not). This dress has got to be the most breastfeeding-friendly dress ever, right? With buttons all the way down the front it's got to be easy as sin to wap a bap out. Seriously though, sewn up in some yummy linen or soft blue denim this dress will be divine.

9.Style Arc Ethel Pants - Another Style Arc pattern. This pattern encompasses everything I love about trousers - slightly dropped crotch, front pleats, elastic waist, turn up cuffs, loose fit. I envisage this pattern to be exactly what I wanted my woven Hudson pants to turn out like. I've already got some rayon/linen blend ear-marked for these babies.

So, that's the nine bad-boys right there. A pretty good mix even if I do say so myself. You can follow my Pinterest Board here and keep up to date with my progress on this challenge. I'll post blog links to any finished projects from my challenge on that board.

2017, let's DO THIS!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Measure for your Knickers

To be able to order a pair of Lucky Muthah knickers, you will need only one measurement. Simple!

You will need to measure your LOW HIP.

What is my 'LOW HIP'?

Your low hip is usually your widest area. Your low hip is just above your pubic bone and where the top of your legs meet your hips. Low on your hip bone. You will need to wrap the tape measure right around this area (which will go across your bum at the back).  Make sure you don't pull the tape measure too tight, or leave it too loose. Measure without any bulky clothing (such as jeans) on, either in a pair of leggings or just your underwear.

If  you need to measure for a bra, please check out this blog post here.

Happy measuring Muthah Lucker! 

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