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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Black Boyfriend Fit Denim Jacket - Style Arc Stevie Jacket - #2017MakeNine

Ok guys...GUYS! I have managed to sew the jacket of MY DREAMS! I've been after a black boyfriend fit denim jacket for basically forever and they've either been extortionate or didn't fit my proportions well. When I came across Style Arc patterns on Etsy over Christmas, I was instantly smitten with the Stevie Jacket. Every detail I wanted in a denim jacket was present. was marked at their highest difficulty rating. Self-doubt kicked in. Could I tackle this challenge? Can I sew a welt pocket? How the eff do I sew a collar. How do denim buttons work? SO MUCH NEGATIVITY. I acknowledged these destructive-to-my-sew-jo thoughts, and checked myself. We don't improve and move forward if we don't challenge ourselves, right? I literally had the perfect black denim (another Goldhawk Road gem) sat in my stash BEGGING to be made into this delicious jacket. And so, armed with sheer force of will and fifty shades of grey (no shame) on my Ipad, I set to work.

What I first noticed about the Style Arc patterns is that they are intended for a more experienced sewer. No cutting layout is included in the instructions. It just simply informs you to follow the grainline arrows on each pattern piece. So that took an evening of faffing about, but I did it. I even managed to cut out an extra waistband somehow. 

The sewing instructions themselves are very clear and straightforward, and the patterns had lots of notches, including notches for the seam allowances start and finish which was really helpful to make sure they stay nice and uniform and the puzzle pieces fit together easily. A lot of the aspects of this jacket where new to me, but I found that as long as I took my time and read each step through a few times to let it sink in, I managed to finish it up with minimal mistakes. It took me 2 evenings of around 2-3 hours of sewing to complete it. I made sure I ironed at each step and topstitched the hell out of it. I took this sew slowly (unusual for me) because I wanted it to be perfect. And it pretty much is. The welt pockets could do with some improvement and I'm sure with some practice they will get better, but for now, I'm pleased with them and think they're pretty great for my first attempts. 

Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew

A note on sizing - I cut a size 14 even though my hip measurement fell into the size 16 guidelines. I checked the information and as the pattern is supposed to be oversized and had a lot of ease, I knew I would fit a little closer - which is what I wanted and I'm really pleased with the fit - it's perfect for me.

I ordered two colours of buttons because I wasn't sure what would work best - antique silver and antique brass. I went with the brass and they were really easy to use - you just have to hammer them in. I stitched all of the button holes first (measuring up first meant they came out nice and even - I'm not usually one to measure!).

Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew

I am super chuffed with this sew, and I really feel like my sewing is evolving. Sewing my own day-today clothes and not just occasion frocks, is changing how I think about my wardrobe, what I'm sewing, and my style. 

So, this is project number 2 ticked off my #2017MakeNine incentive. Make sure you check out my Pinterest board to keep up to date with my progress, and let me know how yours is going too!

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Style Arc Stevie Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew



  1. This is awesome Carly! You're almost making me want to to dig out my sewing machine and pattern blocks again! (I seriously do not have time for another hobby! lol)

    1. Thank you!You should totally go for it (who needs sleep anyway, right?!) x

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