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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Measure for your Knickers

To be able to order a pair of Lucky Muthah knickers, you will need only one measurement. Simple!

You will need to measure your LOW HIP.

What is my 'LOW HIP'?

Your low hip is usually your widest area. Your low hip is just above your pubic bone and where the top of your legs meet your hips. Low on your hip bone. You will need to wrap the tape measure right around this area (which will go across your bum at the back).  Make sure you don't pull the tape measure too tight, or leave it too loose. Measure without any bulky clothing (such as jeans) on, either in a pair of leggings or just your underwear.

If  you need to measure for a bra, please check out this blog post here.

Happy measuring Muthah Lucker! 


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