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Monday, 9 January 2017

Merchant and Mills Tee Shirt - Men's Christmas Gift

Merchant & Mills are probably my most favourite pattern company. Everything they do I love.  I have a couple of their patterns but am yet to sew them up. When I bought a couple of the patterns for myself, I also bought one if their men's sewing patterns. Namely the Tee Shirt pattern. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be right up Rich's street. It's a take on a classic t-shirt, but made from woven fabrics (such as linen, cotton, denim) meaning it can be strong, hard-wearing and durable, just what he'll need for when we start work on the land this year.

With Christmas fast approaching, I knew if I sewed up one each of these bad boys for Rich and my Dad, they would be a hit. For Rich's I went with a blue and black gingham brushed cotton, and for my Dad's I went for a washed denim coloured linen and cotton mix. I bought both fabrics from Fabworks online and they were both only £5 per metre which made these tops a bargain as they used roughly 1.5m each. The only other thing you need to make these Tshirts is a bit of ribbed jersey for the neckband. For Rich's I went for matching black and for Dad's I used contrasting grey.

The pattern is super simple. I approached with caution as I hadn't sewn a woven tshirt before, or sewn with linen either. They literally sewed like a dream. They pattern contains a front pocket, which you don't need to use if you don't want to. In fact, to mix it up a bit I added embroidery to my Dad's pocket which worked out nicely. There's not that many pieces to this pattern, and the construction is straight forward enough with very clear instructions. A very satisfying and professional looking make, and something that is easily customisable.

For reviewing sake, it's interesting to add that I cut and sewed both of these tshirts in a size 42 chest. Rich and Dad are nowhere near similar in shape or stature. Rich is 6ft2" and Dad is 5ft4", and they both hold themselves differently. But strangely enough they both fit them well. Rich's could perhaps be a little smaller on the shoulders, but other than that, perfect.

What I love about M&M patterns is how straight forward the instructions are, but how professional the outcome is. I've now got my eye on their new sewing pattern - The Ellis and Hattie - even though I still have the Factory Dress and the Union Dress that I haven't sewn yet! After making the Tee Shirt pattern however, I wouldreally like to purchase another one from their men's collection, probably the Foreman Jacket. But I have enough other stuff to be getting on with at the moment, so that will have to be put on the back burner for now!


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