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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Patch Game - New Designs!

If you've been following for a while, you'll know that together with Tricky, we also have another business - Thor's Threads. Thor's Threads is predominantly an embroidery company, but we've also recently branched out into badges too. (I say we, when usually these days Rich handles the running of Thor's Threads himself as I'm too busy with LS&S). It's handy having an embroidery company, as it means I also get full use of the embroidery machine when it's not being used for orders.

Here at Lucky, we released our first collection of patches in September as part of the Lucky Muthah collection. Our most popular being the Hater's Lactate patch (which you'll know is also coming as our first pin and available to pre-order now!). I had a lot of fun designing the first round of patches. Back in another life before I became a Mum, I was a tattooist and I have a big love for drawing and designing. It feels good to flex those unused muscles every now and again.

I've been making more of an effort lately to tap into what gets my creative juices flowing, and it seems to be music. It helps me zone out of that noisy part of my brain, and tune into what I'm doing. I listen to a lot of different styles, anything from Ska, to hip-hop to folk. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Slim Pickings. If you follow Tricky's blog, you'll have read in this blog post here and here that we met some of the lads from Slim Pickings just before summer, and became pretty good friends. They're from the town we lived in and I'm surprised we hadn't all bumped into each other sooner.

The lads from Slim Pickings are the nicest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet, and they make sweet, sweet music that gets me right in the feels. Rori is their biggest fan. Whenever she hears one of their song's come on she waves one arm in the air and shouts 'FIYAH!' .

I was listening to a song of theirs called 'Lioness' when I designed one of our newest patches. This song is due to be released on their upcoming EP which is due next month. The song really resonated with me. Lioness. Queen. Empress. When you become a Mum, it can be SO HARD to keep your identity. You can get so consumed with being 'Mum' that you totally loose who you are. Then something happens. You learn to embrace your femininity. Your womanhood. The fucking amazing things your body is capable of. You embrace the changes to your body, and you own it. You grow into your new skin. You become comfortable with yourself. You gain a new confidence. You know you're the fucking bomb because you grew a fucking BABY in your TUMMY and kept them alive with milk your body has made specifically for them. That's pretty mind blowing. You know you can handle anything because you managed to live through all of those endless sleepless nights and you came out the other side. You are a fucking Lioness. You are a fucking Queen. And you are a fucking Empress. The quicker you understand and believe this sister, the better.

I'm sure I make all of that sound like it's easy. Like you wake up one day and go 'Oh yeah, there's my long-lost confidence, where ya been?!'. But we know it's not like that. It's taken me 4 long years since Logan was born to finally start to feel a shift in myself, but it does happen, I promise. So, when listening to this song, and thinking about how utterly amazing us females are, I sketched out this design. I wanted to convey the natural beauty that a female body is capable of. Also taking inspiration from my pagan beliefs and tapping into the Maiden/Mother/Crone aspect of femininity, and the shift that takes place between Maiden and Mother. I felt this within myself and decided to honour that with my Triple Goddess tattoo. The Triple Goddess is a symbol of Maiden/Mother/Crone, and also of our ties with the moon and the female deity. Hence the phases of the moon appearing in the patch design.

Along with the Lioness.Queen.Empress patch, there's quite a few other new patches too - and they all have 20% off at the minute in the sale! Which one is your favourite?


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