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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sea Witch Set and the Magic of Friendships

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I'm sure a lot of people do. If I didn't need it so much for business reasons, I would without a doubt disconnect myself from the online world for the majority of the time. I don't like how you can get sucked into it. Sucked into other people's perfectly edited world, sucked into a downward spiral of comparing and sadness. It makes me feel blah. I hate that my kids see me on my phone or Ipad when I'm working because I don't want them to grow up thinking it's a normal, everyday thing. I think it can make you disengage from the world and miss what's in front of you. BUT, that's really a rant for another day and another post. I'm not here today to moan about social media, I'm actually here to talk about something wonderful that came from it.

When I first signed up to Instagram, I followed a bunch of other lingerie designers because it's cool to see what other people are doing and how they work. I thought in my mind we would all be buddies and share stories of designing woes and triumphs, but it wasn't like that, sadly. Understandably designers can be private, and although I respect that, I don't see the need personally for such closely guarded relationships with fellow designers. I'm not perfect. Sometimes things I design and sew aren't perfect. I don't have all the answers and I don't know how to do everything. I wing it A LOT. And I hope that's how I come across on social media. I don't want to participate in the movement of posting perfectly curated photos of my world that make you see it only from rose-tinted glassed kinda deal. I want to be authentic. But not everyone shares my views and they don't want you to see the furry underbelly of what running a handmade business is like. They only want you to see the perfectly manicured and coiffured top of the business. Not everyone wants to join in with my sometimes self-depreciating humour and the way I try and laugh off the bad bits. But I just wanna be REAL WICHOO!

Molly who runs Urban Bird Clothing was one of the first people I followed. I remember when she first delved into lingerie from making custom kimonos and twin-sets and it's been amazing seeing how fast her brand has grown, especially when taking into account that she's managed to grow her business along side achieving a degree in photography at university! I'm not surprised though at all. Her designs are gorgeous. Molly has always been such an open and active presence on my Instagram that this Christmas I asked her if she fancied doing a Festive Lingerie swap with me. Two designers making each other a little gift - what could be better?! I was super stoked when she agreed, and I got to designing something special especially for her. 

I picked up this deliciously soft greeny-blue velvet on the Goldhawk Road last year, with matching mesh, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. It deserved greatness goddamn it, and greatness it was to bestow upon my mannequin in deed. 

The idea to make the basic nursing bra pattern into a high-necked bra had been floating about in my mind for a while, but we all know how much of a jungle my brain is, things could get lost in their for eternity. However, set with the task of designing something amazing for Molly, I just knew this would be THE one. I didn't even make up a sample first, I just went straight in at the deep end and cut it from the good stuff and sewed it up straight away. I'm a firm believer in things going right when they are supposed to, and this was one of those moments. 

One of my mannequins just happens to be the same size as Molly more or less, so once I'd sewn it up, I popped it on 'Manni' (Manni being the name we christened this particular mannequin) and at that particular moment everything in the universe aligned and the bra fitted exactly how I envisioned. Designing win, my friends. A rarity in the designing world, truth be told. 

What I love about this bra is the shape of the straps and how it accentuates the neckline which is an area that I find extremely flattering and sensual. I would style this bra with a loose-ish cami or vest top in a plain colour, and really let the bra do the talking. 

Because the bra is such a show stopper, I thought a pair of simple cut bikini knickers would complete the set. I used the velvet on the front with the contrasting mesh on the back, so although they appear to be a simple pair of knickers, they're actually a little cheeky with the mesh on the bum.And we all love a little bit of sass and cheekiness, amiright?!

Thankfully, Molly loved the set when it arrived, and I equally love the set she made for me. We both decided that we would make this a Christmas tradition between us, so that we both get to flex our creativity and design something new for each other, and receive an amazing handmade and thoughtful lingerie gift each Christmas. Receiving my set from Molly was so exciting, and it was also great to see the techniques she uses - some are the same as mine and some are different, which as a maker, I find ridiculously interesting! 

The set Molly made for me is made from scuba fabric - the same as what I use - it's perfect for lingerie because it holds it shape well, is stretchy, but also sturdy too. You can get it in the most fabulous prints, just like this one that Molly picked. It's a longline triangle cup bralette (both elements I have been wanting to try for myself for a long time), with extra strappy straps which I of course, adore. A triangle cup has been something I haven't tried for myself due to my large boobies, and thinking the triangles just wouldn't support me well enough, but boy, do I LOVE this! Makes me feel so sassy and like a goddess.

 The set Molly from Urban Bird Clothing made for me for our lingerie swap

Molly posted a picture of the set I made her on Instagram, and so many people asked if I would be releasing it, I thought I'd best oblige. People want their velvety yummy lingerie and who am I to deny them? And so, the Sea Witch set (as she has lovingly be named)  has now made an appearance as part of the recent drop of new items - you can find it here. It's VERY limited edition, and there's only 3 sets left and it has 20% off at the moment!

So, as well as coming away from this swap with a new design, a fantastic new set of lingerie, I have also gained a friend and a yearly tradition - that's pretty successful if you ask me!

I also urge you to go and check out Molly's work at Urban Bird Clothing and allow your eyes to feast on her beautiful creations.


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