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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee - My #2017MakeNine

When this month's Seamwork Magazine landed in my inbox, the Jane tee instantly caught my eye. Being able to sew basics is something I want to expand on. In order to have a functional me-made wardrobe, I need to be able to sew the staples. A perfectly fitting and versatile t-shirt is at the top of the list.

I usually wear v-neck or scoop neck tees, but I really liked the higher neck on the Jane. It would be easy to hack this into a 'ringer' style t-shirt by using contrasting neck band and adding arm cuffs to match.

I've had this deliciously soft velvet in my stash for about a year now. I bought it on the Goldhawk Road at the same time as the green velvet for the Sea Witch set. I just about had enough to make a tee out of it with some creative pattern placement. One of the sleeves had to sit cross-wise to the grain and both sleeves had about an inch off the length to fit them on my metre of fabric.

I usually hate cutting out velvet because its so slippery and thick, but armed with my new Merchant and Mills taior's scissors and dressmaker pins which Rich gave to me for Christmas, it was quick and easy. I used my overlocker for the construction, and then controversially for a stretch fabric, I used a long straight stitch to hem the bottom and sleeves, and top stitch the neckband down.  I initially tried a lightening stitch, but it really didn't look good with the pile on this velvet. As the t-shirt was a relaxed fit, I knew I could get away with a stretch stitch, and it left a much neater finish.

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee by Lucky Sew and Sew

This was a really quick sew, it took around an hour including cutting out the fabric. The fit is perfect for me and what I was after (I cut a Large). The velvet gives it a nice luxury feel and it'll be easy to dress up or down, so I feel it'll be a wardrobe work-horse for sure (in fact, I've already worn it twice!). I also love how the velvet gives it that delicious Toast vibe, for a fraction of the cost of owning an actual Toast item. If you follow me on Pinterest, specifically my 'Ultimate Sewing Inspo' board, you'll have cottoned on to the fact that I have a major crush on the Toast aesthetic. Being able to sew up something Toast-esque for breadcrumb money is deeply satisfying and smug.

Not only is this a successful sew, it also ticks off my first completion for my #2017MakeNine incentive  - 1 down, 8 to go! You can follow my Pinterest board here to keep up with the progress of my #2017MakeNine. How is your incentive going?

Velvet Seamwork Jane Tee by Lucky Sew and Sew


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