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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Another Year Older - Hopes and Intentions

Friday was my 26th Birthday.

I really wasn't looking forward to my birthday at all. I'm sure I'm still 18 - where are the years going?!

We decided to go to the beach for the day to celebrate. Although it's not bikini weather, it's nice and sunny and the kids LOVE playing on the sand. I figured we'd be out most of the day so on Thursday me and Logan baked my birthday cake together. He really loved the baking kit I made him up for Christmas. It has an apron, a mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, wooden spoon, cookie cutters and a blank book that I will write each recipe we make together in over the years, and he can keep forever. We made an adaption of this BBC Good Food recipe for a Marrow and Maple cake. We substituted marrow for courgettes and pecans for walnuts. I also made my birthday dinner ahead of time - a veggie Lasagne, so we only had to assemble and heat it up when we got home from the beach.

Mum made up a lovely picnic to take with us which we ate on the beach. The kids played on the play areas, buried their hands and feet in the sand (although Rori was adamant the sand was snow and kept shouting incredulously - 'It's SNOWINNNNN!') and we practiced some yoga moves too. We went to the beach in Alicante near the Port which is only 40 minutes from us. On the way back we stopped at the Primark  - I wanted to grab a new yoga mat (my feet seem to have ripped my current one to shreds) but there wasn't any. I did grab a few outfits for yoga though which I hope to rub the pattern off of and make my own if they fit well. I much prefer making my own clothes and don't usually like to support fashion chains such as Primark, but sometimes there's not really any avoiding it. And as I will use the garments I purchased to make my own versions in the future, I could live with the guilt I suppose.

We came home, popped dinner in the oven and I did my daily yoga practice. We then sat as a family enjoying our veggie dinner and homemade yummy cake which Logan was very proud of. Once the kids were tucked up in bed we relaxed with a movie and a few sweets.

I had a lovely day. And to top it all off we have started the process of buying our land. Our offer has been accepted, we've appointed a lawyer and the contracts are being written up. This all very exciting but it also seems very strange - like it isn't actually happening. It hasn't sunk in yet.

As my birthday falls around the old celebration of Imbolc, I always find it as a good time to set my intentions for the following year. Imbolc is the celebration of Spring - of Mother Earth awakening from her slumber. The nights become shorter and the days draw out. The sun in coming and with her she brings new growth and warmth. Along with a customary Spring Clean, to get rid of the old joo-joo and make way for the new vibes I hope to attract for the coming year, I also find it helpful to write a list.

Here's my hopes and intentions for the coming 365 days:

-Keep up my daily yoga practice and deepen my connection with my breath
-Cultivate kindness - offer it freely and accept it willingly
-Be more mindful in everyday life
-Don't be afraid to say 'Yes'
The last one is a big one - 
-Grow. Grow love, grow life, grow happiness. Grow spiritually. Grow mentally. Grow my hobbies and crafts. Grow in every way I can. Growth is always a good thing.


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