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Monday, 20 February 2017

Embroidered Roberts Collection Dungarees

OK, OK. I know you are probably sick to death of me posting about the dungarees that I make with The Roberts Collection pattern, but...THEY JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER OK?!

Seriously, my newest pair are my favourite ever (sorry previous pairs). I got the denim from Fabwork Mills Online. It's sold out not but it was only £5 a metre and is the most delicious shade of denim in my opinion. Not too light or too dark, but nice and saturated.

My first pair of Roberts dungarees were a deep blue denim pair and I loved them whole-heartedly. Unfortunatley, my flat-felled seam skillz weren't quite up to scratch and the edges started to unfold and go fluffy after a time. I still wear them, mind. But now they have been demoted to house-dungers as the fluffy crotch seam isn't really acceptable outside attire I suppose.

So, taking my love of the first pair into account, I added pockets on this pair too which are self-drafted, and topstiched the pockets and seams with classic gold denim thread. I also took a little inspiration from current ready-to-wear fashions and decided to put our embroidery machine to good use. If you don't live in a cave, you'll have seen the embroidery trend that's all over the place at the moment. Here's a few examples from Zara who are currently SLAYING the embroidery trend. So much Frida Kahlo vibin' *heart eyes*.

Now of course, I have neither Zara money or Zara model wafeness - so I had to do my own version of the trend. I embroidered roses on the pockets and bigger roses on the legs. As always, my sew wasn't a straight forward one. I am actually started to be impressed at my inventiveness of new ways to bugger things up. This time I managed to use a larger seam allowance than stated in the pattern, meaning the dungers were a smidge (a fucking lot) too tight on the legs and hips when I tried them on once completed. Luckily, as I had stitched the seam and then overlocked the edges of the seams without chopping off the excess seam allowance, I unpicked the straight stitches, leaving only the overlocking to keep the seam together. I then had to bodge up the side of the bodice that has the opening to get the seams to sit right. But after some bodging and a lot of swearing, they were finished and they fit perfectly now.

I am super happy with this make, and they are a great wearable addition to my me-made wardrobe. I'm really enjoying getting dressed in the mornings and discovering that my most worn and most loved clothes are ones that I have made myself and not RTW. Sewing WIN!


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