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Sunday, 5 February 2017

UK Trip and New Products!

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you'll have seen me post about my trip over the water. I was asked by the gorgeous Lauren of Dilan and Me if I would be interested in joining in a photoshoot with her and a few other babes, and of course I said 'YAS!'. Me and Mum booked our flights pretty much straight away. The shoot was done by her lovely man-friend Adam Robertson who is a badass photographer that I've been following on Instagram for ages. I can't share too much about the shoot just yet, but here's a little sneaky snap that was taken of Adam taking my picture.

The shoot was in Shoreditch in London, and we stayed in the most awesome apartment in Wapping (Air bnb is AMAZING!) for two nights so we didn't have to travel from Essex for the shoot (which is where we stayed for the rest of our trip). Whilst in London we also ventured to the West and to the Goldhawk Road where we undertook some necessary fabric shopping - but more on that in another post.

For the rest of our time in the UK we pretty much jammed in as much as we possibly could. I caught up with friends, had a hair cut with my favourite hairdresser, visited the White Wolf Brotherhood clubhouse, went to the pictures, had dinner with family. It was lovely. (I also got to wear the hell out of my recent make - my black boyfriend fit denim jacket - the Stevie Jacket by Style Arc. I kitted it out with patches and pins and I love it even more if that's possible!)

I also got a new tattoo, as an early birthday present, from an amazing tattooist and friend Luke who works at Exile Tattoo and Barbershop in Leigh-on-Sea. It took 4 hours of pure pain but it was so worth it!

It wasn't all pleasure though, there was business involved too. We took a gamble recently on some new products and picked them up in the UK. Our new Haters Lactate pin, and two new products with the LIONESS.QUEEN.EMPRESS design on - A5 prints and black drawstring bags. As always I was incredibly anxious about trying some new products and the self-doubt always manages to rear it's ugly head...but luckily, they seem to be going down pretty well so far!

The trip was for 7 days and although it flew by for me, I'm sure that wasn't quite the case for Rich and the kids at home. It's not easy to entertain two children on your own and do all the other mundane household chores - especially when you're not used to it. Before we moved we always had a 'traditional' set up of Rich going out to work his 9-5 and I was at home to take care of the house and rear the children during the week. Now that we're in Spain, the house build hasn't begun yet and Lucky has been so busy, it means that Rich's role has completely changed in the family aspect. So has mine too.

We booked the UK trip when me and the kids had first moved over. When I had had 4 weeks of Rich being in Spain and I was in the UK wrapping up the house ready for the sale to complete and us to move. When I had 90+ bras in the queue waiting to be sewn. When I moved into this strange house and I was homesick. When I needed a break. When I wanted to escape. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the fact that leaving, Rori especially, for 7 days might be easier said than done. A 20 month old who is breastfed to sleep every night and every nap time isn't going to be too pleased when you take their comfort (my breasts) away.

Rori actually managed the boobie-free week really well and slept through most nights (typical!). I didn't manage the boobie-free week so well. My milk wouldn't let down with my breast pump and so I resorted to hand expressing twice a day which was not fun! I'm actually suffering a bit with tendinitis at the minute and I'm almost certain the boob-milking is to blame...

So, the week away was actually just what I needed. I came back feeling refreshed and energised. The sale of the UK house FINALLY went through on the day we traveled too, so that was a big weight off my shoulders.  Now that the sale has completed and we have the profits from the sale in the bank, we can start to move forward with buying the land and building the house - exciting times!


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