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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Another Hobby To Add To My List

Like I'm not busy enough, I just had to go and find something else that I can sink my teeth into to take up my abundant amounts of spare time, right?


SO, what is my newest hobby? It's leather painting! Leather painting is something I've wanted to get into for a loooooong time. From back in the days when I was a wee teen at school drawing on my t shirts with permanent markers, I've been obsessed with customising my clothes. Sewing placates this obsession with customising every garment I own, as sewing it from scratch is in itself, customising it. It's a garment nobody else has because no one has used the same sewing pattern+fabric combo as this particular item.

I had a little money for my birthday burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to treat myself to some proper leather paints. We obviously have an abundance of leather jackets and boots in the house because of the bike club roots, so finding canvases was no issue.

I wanted to paint statements on the jackets, rather than pictures. Lettering is something I've been practicing recently with some brush pens that I got a few months ago but this was still a little daunting painting directly onto the leather. As JLS said, 'You only get one shot...!' (excuse that terrible song quote, it's the only one that popped into my head!). Luckily, the painting has been going better than I expected! And I'm finding it incredibly engaging and fun.

Here's my first 3 attempts:

1. 'Runs With Wolves' on my genuine leather cut.

2. 'Lucky Muthah' on my studded faux leather jacket.

3. 'Not Phased' on my genuine leather brando jacket

I'm thinking of doing a little tutorial on leather painting, and showing you how it works and how I go about it, and also the difference between painting on genuine leather vs. faux leather as there are some advantages and disadvantages to both!

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