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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Design Evolution - Lucky Muthah Nursing Bras

It's pretty interesting looking at the design process - from concept to completion. Looking at how an idea evolves over time. Looking through my sketch book the other week, when I came across the original design sketches for the Haters Lactate design, I also came across my initial sketches for Maternity/Nursing bras.

I knew I wanted something that would be different from your standard basic nursing bra. BASIC NO MORE!

As you can see from my initial sketch, I played around with adding the central straps and also the inside frame-work and support for nursing flap.

This second sketch shows how I continued to play around with the central straps. This one got a bit too 'cage-ey' though and would have made attaching the nursing clips difficult.

So, for the third and final sketch I went back to the first design with the simpler 'Y' shaped central straps. I also played about with adding removable jewellery to the design (which would clip from one gold ring, hang across the decolletage and clip onto the gold ring on the other side). The idea being that the bra could be dressed up if desired. We decided to not go with the removable jewellery as having dangley chains close to a baby probably isn't the best idea. Although I do want to play around with this on a night out and see what it looks like. 

In the end, I guess the first sketch is the most accurate representation of what the final design looks like.

I'm so proud of this design. I spent a lot of time sourcing the correct fabrics and elastics that would give the right amount of support that's needed for milk-filled boobies. Now the design is complete, I love being able to play around with it aesthetically and coming up with new things to do to it (like our new limited edition sets with the lace!). Although sewing is my number one love, designing is a very close second!


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