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Monday, 13 March 2017

Design - Haters Lactate

That dreaded thing happened to me the other day. 'Storage almost full' flashed up on my phone. Bollocks. I guess the 8000 pictures I have on my phone should probably be moved off and stored somewhere safe. I've ordered an external hard drive to transfer them to, and I decided that in preparation for it's arrival, I'd make a head start on deleting all the unnecessary snaps from my phone. You know the ones...screenshots of funny memes, pictures of your dinner and a hundred pictures of the floor that your kid took when they stole your phone and run away with it shouting 'MIIIIIIIIIINE!'.

As I was flicking through my gallery, I came across pictures from my sketchbook of when I first started to doodle the 'Haters Lactate' design. It's pretty interesting to see the design process. To see the concept sketches and then how it evolved and morphed into something that looks like the finished design that I use now.

Although I've always loved art - drawing, painting, sketching - the whole shebang, it's not something that I find comes easily to me all the time. It's like I'll get an idea for a design, and I have to run with it then and there. I can only get a sketch down when the idea is in my head, otherwise it seems like my brain and hands can't quite connect. So, I've learnt that when these little bursts of creativity happen, I just embrace it and go with the flow. Much like the Lioness.Queen.Empress design - that all came together in one afternoon.

To think that this design was drawn up so long ago, and how popular it's been is pretty amazing. I started off with patches and last month had it made into our first enamel pin which sold out within a month. We have now restocked those and released a glittery pink version for summer! It's incredible that so many women can relate and choose to wear their pin and patches loud and proud!


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