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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mother's Day

I'm Sunday was Mother's Day. The day that Mum's are supposed to be celebrated and thanked for all of their hard work over the years. I'm not really a fan of these hallmark holidays to be honest. Plus, the kids are so small they don't really understand what's going on and why exactly I want to be fed grapes whilst laying down and fanned with a large feather whilst sipping a Mojito.

So, this year, I decided to do something a little different. My Nan also happens to live in Spain too, about 2 hours away, which is also coincidentally about 30 minutes from the sunny town of Javea,
 which is where I went to school. Javea has the best beach and a long promenade full with restaurants and bars. I had a little google, and found a lovely hotel and booked a room.

Myself, my Mum and my Nan went and had a girls day and hit the town. Three generations of us, celebrating Motherhood, sisterhood and family. It was so great spending some quality time together. We went for lunch with a few sangria's. We mooched around some shops. We went back to the hotel to get pampered ready for dinner and drunk wine and chatted about everything under the sun. We did our make-up and our hair and snacked on crisps.

We put on our glad-rags and headed out for dinner. We ate, and talked some more and laughed, and then we went to a bar and drunk cocktails until the wee hours. We eventually got a taxi to the hotel, got in our pyjamas and drank some more wine and chatted even more.The three of us didn't get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, and when we eventually woke up, we went for a lovely breakfast.

I honestly had the nicest time. What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day - with the two beautiful Mother figures in my life. I got to talk to my Nan about thing's we've never spoken about before and I got to ask her questions about her life and find out all of the things that I've always wondered about, but never had the opportunity to ask.

I'm lucky to have these strong women in my life. I hope I grow up to be as amazing as them one day.


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  1. How wonderful! You look like the happiest three women ever. Your girls day/night out sounds much more fun than being 'fed grapes whilst laying down and fanned with a large feather whilst sipping a Mojito'. Although from the perspective of a tired old mum like me, this sounds quite tempting, too. Maybe another day. Hope your week is shaping up nicely. x


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