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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Coven of Mothers Collection - Coming Soon!

It's been a little quiet here on the blog lately, but there's a good reason behind the silence...

We've been super busy working away on our first EVER clothing and accessories collection which is called 'Coven of Mothers'.

The new collection is going to be released on Friday which is the Rose Moon - 9th June at 8pm UK time.

I've wanted to do a clothing collection for a while and it actually came together pretty easily, which is encouraging! over a couple of weeks, I wrote down and sketched out some ideas in my design book. I then spent a day or two drawing up the designs and getting them digitized in photoshop, et voila!

I wanted to keep as much of the process in-house as possible. It's important to me to utilise the resources we have here and so I decided to embroider rather than out-source screen printing. Definitely not the easiest, quickest or less-stressful way of doing things, but I can say that all of this has been a labour of love!

Once the designs were down, products that I couldn't make myself ordered (pins, prints etc), and a cohesive idea was together, we needed to sort out a photoshoot. I called on the power of the internet and my online girl-gang Punky Moms, and managed to pull together a really amazing shoot. Alex Wilkinson of State of Love and Trust photography is a fellow Punky Mom, entrepreneur and designer  ( check out her music-led lifestyle brand Haus of Mono), and I've been dying to work with her forever. She agreed to take on the task of photographing the Coven of Mothers look book, and with the help of some more Punky Mom babes, we managed to pull together the most amazing shoot.

Myself and Mum flew to Leeds on the Friday afternoon, and spent the Saturday shootin' and hangin' with the coolest bunch of babes I could ever have the pleasure of being in the company of. Literally, I had a BLAST! I've spoken previously of my love/hate relationship with the internet and also my love for my online support-group Punky Moms, and I am so grateful to have my life full of so many strong, beautiful and powerful women.

So after basking in the babeness of these incredible women on Saturday, we flew home ridiculously early on Sunday morning and waited with bated breathe to get the proofs back from Alex...

I knew Alex was good but NOTHING could prepare me for the unbelievably amazing pictures Alex captured that day. I cannot thank her enough!

It's apt, really, that this collection has been made what it is by the incredible women who have played a part in it. Sisterhood. That's exactly the heart and core of the Coven of Mothers Collection. It's about supporting each other, understanding that each woman is strong and powerful as hell and that we all have the power of the divine within us. In our tummies and wombs that can grow a baby, that cycle with the moon. Our bodies that can produce a liquid that nourishes a new life. The energy to do all of these phenomenal things. We are magical, baby!

So, without further a-do and to save you from my waffling on, here's a few sneak peeks from the Look Book.


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