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Saturday, 29 July 2017

#DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra Campaign and Giveaway

To celebrate our Lucky Muthah nursing bra's 1st Birthday, not only are we having a month long sale, but we're also running a campaign and giveaway which we want you to all enter. Seriously, go and do it right after reading this post!

So what's the campaign?

The #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra campaign was originally launched last year when we released the Lucky Muthah nursing bras for pre-order. The aim of the campaign is to empower breastfeeding Mamas to share a snippet of their breastfeeding journey. Essentially I want to get Mamas talking about breastfeeding. The good and the bad. Our lows and our highs. Let’s be real! Let’s talk about how itchy breast pads are, and how scary it can be when you first breastfeed in public. How you’ve been wearing the same grey ‘sleep bra’ for months because it’s impossible to find a decent fitting nursing bra on the high-street!

But why #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra?

Well, that's easy. Because on this roller coaster ride that we call Motherhood, we need support. We also need SO MUCH support when we breastfeed. And what better place to start with than supporting the actual milk-makers themselves because they need support as much as we do, and that starts with an awesome nursing bra, right?

I designed the Lucky Muthah nursing bra because I couldn’t find a nursing bra that fit me well, they were all boring as hell and I didn't feel like 'Me' in them. I was more embarrassed about someone seeing a flash of my gross beige nursing bra when feeding Rori in public than a flash of boobie flesh. When I designed the first sample of the Lucky Muthah nursing bra for myself and wore it, I loved how it made me feel. I felt like the old me. The pre-baby me that actually gave a crap about their outfit rather than picking something purely based on the ease in which I could wap a bap out. I felt confident and sassy and little bit cool. I wanted to give other Mum’s who felt the same as me about normal nursing bras the option to feel confident and beautiful in their nursing lingerie, too.

Modern Motherhood

I'm a modern Mama. I breastfeed, I babywear, I baby-led weaned. I wear dungarees and stripey tops and there's no place in the world of modern motherhood for outdated, ugly, boring nursing bras. We need to change the perception of nursing lingerie just like we're changing the perception of Motherhood. Let's bring nursing lingerie into the present and make it RELEVANT! 

How Do I Take Part?

To join in with the conversation and take part in the #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra campaign, all you need to do is post a picture on instagram that is a snippet of your breastfeeding journey, and encourage other to do the same. Let's get talking Mamas and SUPPORT eachother! Make sure you use the hashtag #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra too so that I can find you!

You Could Be A Winner!

At the end of the month long celebrations, we will also be choosing one Lucky Muthah who will win a custom-made Lucky Muthah nursing bra of their own choosing! Every single person who joins in with the conversation and shares a picture with the tag #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBra will automatically be entered in the giveaway and be in with a chance of winning one of our nursing bras!

I'll be sharing snippets of my journey during the course of the month and I really hope to see you all joining in and taking part.I can't wait to read your journeys!

Much Love, Spread the Luck!
Carly <3

Original photos by Mr Adam Robertson and Laura Whitchurch Photography 


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