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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

In The Folds Peplum Top

Ok, so I know I said in my last post that I was going to stick with more muted fabrics, but I've had this viscose in my stash for about 2 years now and figured I best use it. (It is pretty cute too I gotta admit).

In the Folds have a great FREE (yes, really!) pattern for a peplum-vest which you can find here. Scoop front neck and v-neck back. I've never worn anything like this in my life. I seriously love how sewing your own clothes gives you the freedom to experiment. I never thought a peplum would suit me, so I've never worn one. But, fired with the idea of pushing the boundaries of what 'my wardrobe' should look like, I've decided to sew more outside my comfort zone.

I went with my bust measurement and I think I cut a size G (but don't hold me to that). I was pretty happy to get the whole vest on just 1m of fabric, which was lucky because that's all I had. There were a few techniques in this pattern that tested my skills. It has bias binding facings on the neck and arm holes. I've used bias tape before, but never on an opening like this. I cut my own binding from the same fabric. Ironing it was a pain, perhaps I should get one of those bias-binding pully-things. Anyway, the bias binding was a bit of a faff, and it's not perfect. The width of the binding is a bit uneven.

If memory serves me, I cut a size G based on my bust measurement. It's actually too big for me. It's wearable, but there are some changes I would make next time.

I will go down probably 2 sizes and I'll also extend the length of the peplum by a few inches as it hits in a strange place on me (#hobbitlife). I think next time I'll also forgo the bias binding (unless I try pre-made binding), and probably try a double rolled hem. I'll have to convert the 'V' on the back neck to a scoop to be able to do this, but I think it'll be quicker and easier overall.

To sum it up, this is an awesome free pattern and a great place to test a few skills and stash-bust. I've already cut out a second version, with the changes I mention above and I'll see how that one comes out. I also think that By lengthening the peplum quite a bit, you could have an excellent summer dress!

So, what do you think? Have you tried this pattern before? What did you make of it?

In the Folds Peplum Top Free Pattern


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