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Monday, 21 August 2017

Hopeless Romantic Hand Painted Jackets

I posted a few months ago about finding a new hobby - leather painting. To be honest it's started a whirlwind love-affair and now I can't stop painting ALLLLL THE THINGS!

I started to sell some jackets in the shop and they've had an incredible response! I came up with a design for a jacket that is lover-dovey enough to be  a bridal jacket, but also neutral enough to be worn when you're not getting married too. To me, if I bought a jacket for my wedding day, I'd want to wear it over and over and so, the Hopeless Romantic jackets came into being.

Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique in Essex (the coolest bridal boutique around) stock my jackets and took them along to an incredible photoshoot with Rebecca Douglas Photography who captured some AMAZING images.

HopelessRomantic Hand Painted Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew, Photography by Rebecca Douglas

I've had the chance to do some amazing custom jackets too and I've got some more great custom ideas in the queue along with a few new ideas up my sleeve. I've just invested in some more paint colours, as well as some new painting products that I can't wait to test out!

Blue HopelessRomantic Hand Painted Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew, Photography by Rebecca Douglas


Friday, 18 August 2017

Paprika Burnside Bibs

When I saw Sew House Seven release the Burnside Bibs pattern I knew I needed it RIGHT NOW. I did buy it and download it and print it out but I only got round to actually using the pattern this weekend.

What I loved about this pattern was that the wider leg, nipped in waist shape. As I experiment more with my wardrobe, I'm finding wearing new colours and new shapes so much fun. I normally stick to a rolled up, peg-leg shape that is looser through the middle. But wearing the Ninni Culottes recently has helped me to embrace a wider leg and learn to love my curves a bit more. The curves ain't going nowhere, they're here to stay so I might as well learn to love them, right?

I hummed and hawed about what fabric to go for. Currently my fabric stash is extensive and so I had a lot of choice. I was going to go for a peachy coloured twill but worried last minute that the fabric might be a bit too heavy. I then thought about black linen but I wanted to be a bit daring and black seemed too safe.

I bought the paprika linen a little while ago, not knowing what I would use it for, but just because I loved the colour. It's from Fabworks (you can see it here) After deliberating with my Mum (as all good sewists should), we decided to go for the paprika. Its a little weighty, but the added elastane would help it to move with my body, and the colour is just too delicious to say no to. I have some yummy autumnal jerseys (mustard, forest green, petrol *heart eyes*) in my stash to make tee's from that would go so well with the paprika, that it was a no-brainer.

I sewed a straight size 16 as this is where my hip measurement fell into. My waist and bust both fit into the size 14, but as I like the bib part on dungarees bigger rather than smaller, I didn't bother to opt for the smaller top size and grade out. Plus as I was opting for version #2 with the drawstring back, a little extra room in the waist wouldn't be an issue.

I wanted the cropped length but as I have ridiculously short legs (27" inseam) , I cut the cropped length off at the smallest size. I still ended up having to cut another 4" or so off once they were made up as laughably the cropped length were full length on my hobbit legs. This was the only thing I had to amend.

I took my time with this sew and I enjoyed it immensely. I double stitched everywhere suggested (topstitching on the pockets etc) but as I only had a single needle I had to slow down and do it all twice. I sewed the dungarees up over 3 evenings (around 1.5 hours the first two evenings and another 30 minutes or so to hem on the final evening), and I'm so happy with the final results.

None of the steps were too challenging, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I'm already thinking about making my next pair!

I can't express how in love I am with these dungarees. The colour, the shape, the fit...everything about them is perfect. They feel so 'me'!

This feels like my first real experiment with my wardrobe. Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some new things has really helped to discover something new that works for me. I discovered that I actually really like the larger front hip pockets which is something I usually avoid. I love the wider leg. I love the more saturated block colour and I love the slightly 70's worker vibe of these dungers.

It's also the first sew that has given me a great deal of pleasure and sense of accomplishment. Nothing went wrong on this sew (a rarity for me!). I'm over the moon with all of the detailing and topstitching and feel confident in my sewing skills.

Sewing and wardrobe level up all around and a win for slow fashion!


Monday, 14 August 2017

A Bunch of Jane Tee's and a Rio - A Tee Sewing Binge

I've been on a sewing binge recently. I need to up my wardrobe staples game by quite a bit. It's all great fun sewing dresses and skirts, but really, they just don't get that much rotation in my everyday wardrobe.

As I've mentioned, I've been thinking more and more about sewing in a more eco-friendly way and making it more sustainable. To me, that means sewing the staples. It's far to easy to head down to the cheap chain-stores every season and buy 10 basic t-shirts for a couple of quid each...but the reality is they only last a few washes, they're not the best quality nor fit, and that's before you take into account the possible child-labour or low-paid labour that's involved in their production. Is that something I want to be supporting? No way.

So, I decided I'd best start with the ultimate wardrobe staple - the humble t-shirt. I currently have two favourite t-shirt patterns - The Rio by Seamwork and the Jane also by Seamwork. I've made both of these tees before and I love how quick and simple they are to sew. I had a few suitable fabrics in my stash so I bulk cut the tees our one afternoon and sewed them over one evening. One evenings work for 4 tshirts is pretty efficient if you ask me!

Here are the 3 Jane tees.

Alterations to the Jane: I cut a medium graded out to a large at the hips. I altered the neck line by using a larger seam allowance when overlocking the neck band on which made the opening larger and the band narrower which I prefer. I had previously shortened the length by about an inch, but I think I will actually add that back on to any others I make in future. I find the fit on the oversized size. I could probably get away with not grading out at the hips to the Large, even though I fit in the large sizing bracket for hips. But it is supposed to be a relaxed tee, so I can get away with it. I find the sleeves long on the Jane tee too, so I always roll them up when I'm wearing them which is OK as I like that look. I added a chest pocket (self drafted) on my blue version, and I love how it turned out.

For my three versions I used jerseys which were all purchased at Fabworks and a bargain at around £4 a metre. Each tee only used a metre of fabric. I love how versatile these tees are. I can tuck them in and wear with my Ninni culottes, wear them under some dungarees, or wear them with some hudson pants.

For my Rio Tee I used an amazing jersey that I picked up on the Goldhawk Road in January. It's a textured peachy coloured jersey, with gold foiling, which would be perfect for jazzing up an outfit. I love the scoop neck of the Rio and the only alteration I made was chopping off the lower hem at the back and making it one straight hem all around.

I really love how these tees turned out. The only thing I need to work on in topstitching the neckband and hems. I currently use a lightening stitch as my total hatred of twin-needling pushed me to find an alternative. Ideally I would like a coverstitch machine, but we can't have it all! I like how the lightening stitch looks, it's just a little susceptible to stretching out as it stitches which can leave the tee a little wavy in places. I have ordered another twin needle and I'm going to give it a go again; I've got a few more jersey's for Autumn (bottle green and mustard *heart eyes*) and I'm going to try the Mandy Boat tee by Tessuti I think. It seems so wrong to be thinking ahead to Autumn already, but it'll be here before I know it!


Friday, 11 August 2017

Win a Lucky Muthah Nursing Bra!

Want to be in with a chance of winning your very own made-to-measure nursing bra?! Have a read to find out how...

Our celebrations this month have been insanely good! In case you've missed the memo - we've been celebrating the 1st birthday of our Lucky Muthah nursing bras. Not only have we been having a crazy sale over in our shop, but we've also been running the #DemandMoreFromYourNursingBraCampaign in which I want to get us all talking about our breastfeeding stories. The more we talk about it, the likelier it is to become the norm.  You can find more info on the campaign here and I would love it if as many Mama's as possible would join in, so take a read and I'll see you over on Instagram!

By taking part in the campaign, you will be entered into a draw to win a Lucky Muthah nursing bra just for you! Winner will be chosen at the end of the month so there's still plenty of time left to join in with the conversation and enter.

Spread the luck!


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Authentically Imperfect. I'm a Modern Mother

This is a subject I've spoken about a few times now, and it's something I feel incredibly passionate about. In an age where every man, woman and their mother voice their opinions on life, it's so, so easy to feel like you need to fit into a certain Mama-shaped mold when you become a Mother.

Original photo by Mr Adam Robertson

But Motherhood, like every other phase in life, is a very individual journey. Each and every one of us are different. Unique. Incomparable....INCOMPARABLE! So why do we continue to compare pretty much every aspect of life?

You know, you pretty much spend all of your young life being told how to act and how you should parents, school, the media, society in general. So you grow up with these views on things that have been imposed on you. And then when we grow up and we finally have the chance to say 'EFF YOU' to these ridiculous ideals. But then we get pregnant and embark on this new phase in our life that is completely new to us...and we revert back to all of the rubbish that we get taught as children - That mothers don't go to work, that Mother' are housewives, that Mother's that want to go back to work are cruel and selfish, that Mother's all have to look a certain way and act a certain's all grade A bull.

Personally for me, it started off when I found out I was pregnant with my eldest, Logan, by dying my hair back to it's natural mousey brown which was a far cry away from my usual bright colours. I bought my clothes from the maternity section so I looked like every other pregnant woman. I lost my sense of self. A little while after having Logan I learnt to sew and managed to find my vibe again, and I welcomed lilac hair with much enthusiasm. Then I fell pregnant with Rori...and again I waved bye-bye to my coloured hair. This time is was much harder. But again, this was another new territory for me - a Mother of two. Back in the same old maternity clothes I wore the first time around.

I always say I didn't really enjoy being pregnant, but maybe that was because I was tying to be 'a pregnant woman' rather than trying to be my own version of a pregnant woman. I was only 21 when my journey into Motherhood started, and I guess I wasn't so sure of myself back then, too eager to 'fit in'. If I ever had another baby now, I'm sure I'd have a very different pregnancy.

So, Rori came along after the most amazingly special and empowering hypnobirth, and things were different this time. I've spoken about hypnobirthing before, but in short, it is singularly the most magical experience of my life. I'd never felt so connected to myself, and so strong.

Really soon after Rori was born I found myself again, and it was a stronger connection than ever before. It was like, 'Oh Ok, so I can push out a baby without pain relief, breastfeed her, look after her brother AND be myself?! YAS!'. I felt so fucking powerful. So out came the hair dye, the new clothes that I sewed for myself that would make breastfeeding easier. I wasn't worried about covering up my tattoos anymore, or trying to dull myself down.

I mean, I am the person who is going to show my children how to be a person. I want to teach them to be the best version of themselves. I don't want them to follow the crowd. I want them to be fearless to be who they truly are. Be fucking Authentic. Don't be afraid to be Imperfect. Striving for perfectionism is trying to reach the impossible. 'Perfect' isn't real. No one is perfect, and anyone who does seem perfect is just showing you a curated collection of moments that can seem perfect and ideal to an outsider. It's an edited truth, not reality.

You are amazing exactly how you are, because YOU are the best version of YOU. You have something that nobody else has - the true essence of YOU. You can't bottle that up. That thing that makes you tick...that's yours and nobody else's.

I think ultimately, I want my children to know that I wasn't afraid to be true to myself. Unapologetically Me. I'm not perfect, but that's Ok, because I'm being authentic and not trying to be somebody else.

So, what's my version of Motherhood? I have bright colourful hair, I have tattoos and piercings. I make my own clothes that are unique and I listen to some probably questionable music. I swear, I smoke, I am not the ideal vision of Motherhood at all. But, I am Me. I AM Mummy to two little beautiful humans and I'm trying my hardest to be the best Mother that I can, because that's what matters.

Photo by State of Love and Trust Photography and Tshirt from the Coven of Mothers collection by Lucky Sew and Sew available to shop here

Photo by State of Love and Trust Photography and Tshirt from the Coven of Mothers collection by Lucky Sew and Sew available to shop here

Photo by State of Love and Trust Photography and accessory pouch from the Coven of Mothers collection by Lucky Sew and Sew available to shop here

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