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Monday, 14 August 2017

A Bunch of Jane Tee's and a Rio - A Tee Sewing Binge

I've been on a sewing binge recently. I need to up my wardrobe staples game by quite a bit. It's all great fun sewing dresses and skirts, but really, they just don't get that much rotation in my everyday wardrobe.

As I've mentioned, I've been thinking more and more about sewing in a more eco-friendly way and making it more sustainable. To me, that means sewing the staples. It's far to easy to head down to the cheap chain-stores every season and buy 10 basic t-shirts for a couple of quid each...but the reality is they only last a few washes, they're not the best quality nor fit, and that's before you take into account the possible child-labour or low-paid labour that's involved in their production. Is that something I want to be supporting? No way.

So, I decided I'd best start with the ultimate wardrobe staple - the humble t-shirt. I currently have two favourite t-shirt patterns - The Rio by Seamwork and the Jane also by Seamwork. I've made both of these tees before and I love how quick and simple they are to sew. I had a few suitable fabrics in my stash so I bulk cut the tees our one afternoon and sewed them over one evening. One evenings work for 4 tshirts is pretty efficient if you ask me!

Here are the 3 Jane tees.

Alterations to the Jane: I cut a medium graded out to a large at the hips. I altered the neck line by using a larger seam allowance when overlocking the neck band on which made the opening larger and the band narrower which I prefer. I had previously shortened the length by about an inch, but I think I will actually add that back on to any others I make in future. I find the fit on the oversized size. I could probably get away with not grading out at the hips to the Large, even though I fit in the large sizing bracket for hips. But it is supposed to be a relaxed tee, so I can get away with it. I find the sleeves long on the Jane tee too, so I always roll them up when I'm wearing them which is OK as I like that look. I added a chest pocket (self drafted) on my blue version, and I love how it turned out.

For my three versions I used jerseys which were all purchased at Fabworks and a bargain at around £4 a metre. Each tee only used a metre of fabric. I love how versatile these tees are. I can tuck them in and wear with my Ninni culottes, wear them under some dungarees, or wear them with some hudson pants.

For my Rio Tee I used an amazing jersey that I picked up on the Goldhawk Road in January. It's a textured peachy coloured jersey, with gold foiling, which would be perfect for jazzing up an outfit. I love the scoop neck of the Rio and the only alteration I made was chopping off the lower hem at the back and making it one straight hem all around.

I really love how these tees turned out. The only thing I need to work on in topstitching the neckband and hems. I currently use a lightening stitch as my total hatred of twin-needling pushed me to find an alternative. Ideally I would like a coverstitch machine, but we can't have it all! I like how the lightening stitch looks, it's just a little susceptible to stretching out as it stitches which can leave the tee a little wavy in places. I have ordered another twin needle and I'm going to give it a go again; I've got a few more jersey's for Autumn (bottle green and mustard *heart eyes*) and I'm going to try the Mandy Boat tee by Tessuti I think. It seems so wrong to be thinking ahead to Autumn already, but it'll be here before I know it!


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  1. That a great ethos! I really love your pale pink and gold t-shirt. I make almost all my t-shirts these days but I can't currently afford sustainably produced fabrics on a regular basis, which is a shame. Still, moving in the right direction. I haven't used the patterns you show today, my own personal favourite is the Concord t-shirt by Cashmerette. It is not free as Seamwork patterns are but I have used it often, which makes it worthwhile. I have just overcome my twin needle phobia! Before, I have used a small zig zag stitch rather than the lightening bolt stitch. It looks good I think. Happy t-shirt sewing!


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