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Monday, 21 August 2017

Hopeless Romantic Hand Painted Jackets

I posted a few months ago about finding a new hobby - leather painting. To be honest it's started a whirlwind love-affair and now I can't stop painting ALLLLL THE THINGS!

I started to sell some jackets in the shop and they've had an incredible response! I came up with a design for a jacket that is lover-dovey enough to be  a bridal jacket, but also neutral enough to be worn when you're not getting married too. To me, if I bought a jacket for my wedding day, I'd want to wear it over and over and so, the Hopeless Romantic jackets came into being.

Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique in Essex (the coolest bridal boutique around) stock my jackets and took them along to an incredible photoshoot with Rebecca Douglas Photography who captured some AMAZING images.

HopelessRomantic Hand Painted Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew, Photography by Rebecca Douglas

I've had the chance to do some amazing custom jackets too and I've got some more great custom ideas in the queue along with a few new ideas up my sleeve. I've just invested in some more paint colours, as well as some new painting products that I can't wait to test out!

Blue HopelessRomantic Hand Painted Jacket by Lucky Sew and Sew, Photography by Rebecca Douglas



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