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Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Great Foster Bake Off! Week 1 - Cakes

I don't know about you, but I'm so pumped that a new season of the Great British Bake Off has started! Last year Logan loved to watch the episodes with me and he really loves to bake. We usually bake or cook something together once a week and I have a big notebook that I write every recipe we make together inside (with notes on whether he like it or not and what he would change) so that when he's all grown up he can keep his recipe book and look back over all his favourite recipes! I think it's really important to learn to cook from a young age. It's the norm in society these days to be really disconnected from our food, and I don't want Lo and Rori to grow up like that. We're open and honest about where our food comes from which I think aided Logan's concious decision to become a vegetarian about a year ago at the ripe old age of three. What a wise kid. We rarely eat processed food and getting Lo and Rori involved in the kitchen has really helped them form a healthy relationship with food.

Anyway, I digress...As Logan would be starting school this month if we hadn't decided to take the home-ed route, I thought we should really kick-off our home-ed journey with a project we could all sink our teeth into.

Each week we will be following the theme of the episodes of The Great British Bake Off and trying our hand at some new recipes! As we don't get live UK TV here in Spain, we'll be catching up the day after the episodes are aired and then having our bake-off at the weekend. I'll be documenting each week (triumphs and failures) and I'm excited to get stuck in!

Week 1 - Cake Week

Great Foster Bake Off Week 1 - Raspberry Bakewell Cake

Who doesn't love a cake?! We decided to go for a fruity cake recipe that would make the most of what's in season at the moment and so we went for a Raspberry Bakewell Cake (recipe from BBC Good Food). With only a small amount of ingredients and 5 star ratings already, I thought this recipe would be a full-proof option to ease us into our project.

Logan and Rori both love to help measure the ingredients and mix them together. Cracking eggs is the most exciting task of baking, in their opinion. Well, that and licking the bowl!

The cake mix came together really quickly (easiest cake I've ever made!) and tidy-up time was quick thanks to it all being mixed in one bowl which is a bonus! 

We all tasted a slice after dinner and were all really impressed. As we usually opt for a cake that's either chocolatey or covered in icing, this cake made a welcome change. Lovely and light and fresh. The perfect end-of-the-summer celebration!

We're excited to get stuck into Week 2 - Biscuit week!

Great Foster Bake Off Week 1 - Raspberry Bakewell Cake


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